Hello from Central Ohio, USA

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Hello from Central Ohio, USA

Post by JRMILLER »

I want you all to know I am totally inspired by this site and your staunch position that guys ought to be able to wear a skirt if they damn well please.

I posted an article recently on the crossdresser's club web and they sent me here. It's very pleasing to find a group of like minded souls.

For the record, I don't like wigs or makeup. My wife made me up once and it just wasn't me. I don't want to be a women and I don't feel like there is a women trapped inside my male body. I adopted a femme name for the other sites under their guidance as a protective measure. I am happy to use my real name here!

I bought a couple of skirts this evening, one nice tie-dye, with blues, browns and a little bit of white. It's ankle length and I love it! I also bought a denim skirt which hangs just below my knees. The lady at the store was cracking up as I asked for her help in finding things -- I guess it was a singular experience for her!

john miller
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Post by Sasquatch »

Welcome from down east NC.
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Post by Bob »

John, Welcome to SkirtCafe! I'm sure you'll fit right in here.

I'm curious, would it be possible to share the essay you mention above?
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Post by Sarongman »

The wizard says, Welcome from OZ.

Post by BrotherTailor »

Hi Ho! to John fron O-High-Oooow... 8)
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Post by crfriend »

Welcome, JRMiller, from the wilds of central Massachusetts!

Like Bob, I too would be interrested in the mentioned essay.
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My Article from the Crossdresser's Club

Post by JRMILLER »

I posted this article on Oct 18. A member read it and sent me to you guys. Here it is.


Meri's Ideal World -- Would You?

Greetings oh frilly ones,
Saw a post on another site about a gal Maggie who got all dressed up to go shopping, but forgot her wig. She went shopping anyway, receding hairline and all. She says she was treated quite well.

This got me thinking about my "ideal world".......

I crave the freedom to wear what I want when I want to wear it. I don't necessarily feel the need to fully cross dress or particularly like makeup. I have been on stage and have my fill of makeup already, besides, it makes me look like a cadaver. I do like dresses, skirts, blouses, painted nails and such. Wouldn't it be nice to simply decide if it's to be jeans or a jean skirt today? Don a jean skirt along with your favorite polo short and walk out the door? Hairy legs and all?

Am a really being freakish here or does sound pretty good?

Am I to be tossed out of the CD club or is this essence of CDing?

Would you / have you done this?


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Post by Pleats »

Welcome to the group. Nice to have another member from Ohio.
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To Mike in Dayton

Post by JRMILLER »

Cool, I thought I was the only male in the state silly enough to wear a skirt! Of course, maybe I am. What do you like to wear as a freestyler?

Peter v
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Hello from Central Ohio, USA

Post by Peter v »

Welkom John, from cold and windy Holland (The Netherlands)
Looks like you are a freestyler, who cares, you're a man who has stepped out of the coral, as have the rest of us, the coral others wish to keep us in.
And are content in presenting yourself as a male, irregardless of what clothing you wear. Wear what you like, There's no intention to make skirt wearing clones here.
Although the general intention is to present a manly skirt wearing image, all variations on the theme are welcome.

Peter v.
A man is the same man in a pair of pants or a skirt. It is only the way people look at him that makes the difference.
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Ohioans Unite!

Post by CharlesG »

Along with Mike, I also welcome you from Cleveland!
Skirts, A NEW freedom for men to pursue.

Post by SkirtDude »

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Post by iain »

Reading these posts makes me realise again that this is one cool site.
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Post by cessna152towser »

Welcome from the Scottish Borders. I started wearing kilts to work five years ago when a leg injury meant I could not get into trousers for a few weeks. The kilt was so well accepted and so comfortable that I continued to wear kilts regularly after my injury healed and have gradually built up my collection. I have gradually extended my variety away from traditional kilts into modern men's kilt style skirts such as Union Kilts; Freedom Kilts; and the leisure kilt and box pleat camo skirt produced by Midas Clothing of Manchester, England. People just accept me as a guy with long sideburns, hairy legs and an eccentric choice of clothing. The hairy legs do after all get covered by men's knee socks in winter (kilt hose, football socks or rugby socks). Wearing modern style denim kilts is not a problem. Next step for me will be an unpleated denim cargo skirt from Midas.
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Hello from Northern Oh

Post by tooslowprius »

Well, just thought I would drop everyone a line and say Hi. I live just about 5 miles south of Sandusky, Oh (Home to Cedar Point). I wear hose almost all the time skirts how ever are a new thing for me. I have yet to wear one in public. I actually just bought my first one a few week's ago fighured I would try one to see if they are as uncomfortable as my wife say's they are. So far I love it just haven't been brave enough to wear it out yet. If anyone here belong's to myspace look me up here is the link to my page and a link to a group I made!


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