Hello Everyone

If you're new to the Cafe, please grab a seat by the potted palm, settle down with a nice big latte, and tell us a little bit about yourself. Please also look here for forum principles and rules.
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Hello Everyone

Post by Bryan »

Just a brief intoduction of myself. I love wearing skirts, sarongs and kilts around the house for the comfort factor. I was married earlier on in the year in a kilt, and my wife has no problems with my skirt wearing. Would love men wearing skirts to be accepted by society, just as women wearing trousers is.

Have enjoyed reading through a lot of the messages and hope to contibute on a regular basis in the future.



Post by BrotherTailor »

Welcome aboard Bryan.

Your wife sounds very cool. Best of luck. I look forward to your insights.

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Post by ChristopherJ »

Hi Bryan - welcome to the forum.

It's great to see another member from the UK.
It's never too late to have a happy childhood . . .

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Welcome, Bryan! Good to meet you. Hope to see you around a lot! :)

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