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Post by Midas »

I have joined this today. I have been wearing skirts and dresses occasionally for many years. With the agreement of my wife I began regularly to wear them at home several years ago and now wear a skirt or a dress at home most of the time. Today I went out in public wearing a skirt for the first time, having been building up towards it for some time. While the process may be gradual I anticipate my days of wearing trousers at any time are now numbered.

I can't say that my first experience of public skirt wearing was anything other than good. I am so used to wearing a skirt or a dress at home, including answering the door to deliverymen etc, that it was perfectly natural and I didn't get so much as a strange look from anyone.

Does everyone here stick to skirts, or are dresses worn as well?
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Re: Hello

Post by rode_kater »

My favourite pieces are dresses, but they were hard to find. I must have tried on a hundred dresses at the charity shop over that last few years and a handful looked ok. Two I think look really good. Most just look silly (mostly, the waist is too high).

Suitable skirts are easier to find, but I do prefer dresses overall.
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Re: Hello

Post by Fred in Skirts »

Hello Midas,
Most here wear skirts, Some myself included wear both skirts and dresses. We are varied group of great folks and we don't bite. :lol:
So join in anywhere you feel like there are only a few rules and you can read them in the Introduction and Summary of the Rules section.
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Re: Hello

Post by pelmut »

I've been held back from wearing dresses because I haven't been able to find any that fit me properly.  A couple of months ago I was beginning to despair, I had been to car boot sales all through the Summer and searched every clothing stall without finding anything remotely suitable.  Then I spotted a woman walking around wearing exactly the sort of dress I had in mind and she was about my size.

The next week I needed something which was only sold in the larger branches of Sainsburys, so I went to one a bit further away than usual  While I was there I looked around the clothing section and there was the dress -- and it was at an end-of-season marked-down price.  A couple of weeks after that, my local branch of Sainsburys had some long-sleeved 'T' shirts in a matching colour.

Now I am a dress-wearer too, although I may pack it away until the weather starts to get warm again.
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Re: Hello

Post by Big and Bashful »

Hi and welcome to the cafe! I only really do skirts, I haven't found a dress that would fit or look right on me.
Funnily enough, most of the time when I go out in public I will be wearing one of my Midas skirts, Midas was a company that made skirts for men, sorely miss them!
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Re: Hello

Post by Sinned »

Welcome and has been pointed out fit can be the limiting factor in dresses. Dresses are predominantly made for women and you have probably noticed that they are a different shape to us men. It is possible though, like searching for that pearl. Skirts more easily fit the male body even skirts designed for women. So assuming you have found your dress it's then a measure of your confidence level about wearing it on the street.

Read some of the past threads and join in. The more you contribute, the more you will get out of it.
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Re: Hello

Post by denimini »

Hello and welcome Midas. I wear mini skirts mostly as it is rare to find a dress that I like and fits well.
Good to hear that you got the first public outing over and done with; that is about the most difficult step, the rest gets easier and more enjoyable.
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Re: Hello

Post by New-in-Skirts »

Hello and welcome Midas. I to am basically a skirt wearer. So head out into this wide world and enjoy your skirts.
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Re: Hello

Post by Dust »


As others have said, dresses are harder to fit. In principle, I'm not opposed, but finding a good fit (and style that works) presents more of a challenge, and I imagine the resistance from the home front is also an issue for some.

Some here wear dresses a lot, others not as much. I've tried a few on myself, but nothing really worked for me. Other members of the cafe here wear them all the time.
Your milage may vary.
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Re: Hello

Post by nzfreestyler »

Hi Midas,

I wear both skirts and dresses. I wear a skirt or a dress every day. I almost literally never wear pants/trousers as I only have a couple and I wear them perhaps twice a year.

I enjoy both skirts and dresses - I have the figure for a dress, so in that sense I am on tangent from others here - but my body aside - I love clothes and accessories too - and I evolved into skirts a decade + ago and have never looked back.


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