SW UK - hello

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SW UK - hello

Post by Lexi__ »


I have just joined after a recommendation from @markbryan911.

I live in East Devon in the UK and can be found most days wearing clothes that are comfy for me while still presenting as male. I worked out that it's my gender expression that changes from day to day and not really anything else. It took me a long time to get to this point as the default is to try and present yourself as female. Which I have in the past.

I celebrate and ally with any one else on the lbqtq banner and I am proud to be part of that.

I do like wearing dresses as well, hope that's okay :)

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Re: SW UK - hello

Post by Jim »

Welcome Lexi. I don't know much about the strings of initials, I just don't see a need to conform to people's gender expectations. I'm me, I don't have to "identify" as anything.
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Re: SW UK - hello

Post by Grok »

Hello! :D

Dresses are among the topics discussed in Skirtcafe threads. Other topics that have seen a bit of discussion include jewelry for men, nails, and eyewear.
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Re: SW UK - hello

Post by Kirbstone »

welcome Lexi.
Also touched on here are trains, planes boats, politics, weather &c &c., all of which continue to interest contributors here. Nice neck-o'-the-woods you live in. I have a fair smattering of cousins and immediate descendants scattered around Devon. Visiting them might again be easy with the re-invention of Fly BE. Otherwise it's a long drive from Fishguard.

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