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A cop roles up on me...

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 6:28 am
by skirtedMarine
There I was, off on a secluded road, doing time cards, and pre Task planning for my crew, Hot work permits, Trench and excivation check lists, Confined space permits, Whuhan Virus Tempreture charts, and all the other crap we are required to do these days to keep the Lawyers and Insurence roaches out of the picture... I do this crap before work , about 0330 ( AM)
Close to the job site, and change out of a jeans skirt into construction clothes ( jeans) before going to the job site. A young Lady cop roles up and says " What are you doing here? I was a bit captivated... a young hot Blonde, Confident.. with a gun,badge and handcuffs... wow!
.. I replied .. timecards... before work, and good morning!
She wouldnt get out of her cruiser, as a lone female, and because of the wuhan virus, so She didnt know I was wearing a skirt...
I have alot of respect for young cops like Her, and As a guy who carries guns, and would back her up, its probably good i wasnt acting like a Smart ass... things could have gone south in a NY minute.