New Old guy in a skirt

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New Old guy in a skirt

Post by scugog »

I have been following this site for a while but never introduced myself
Mid 60's Canadian and live in the country just outside Toronto.
I started wearing a skirt as I progressed from wearing panties to hose to a skirt and now even dresses
I am still in the closet so to speak as my wife does not know.
I travel a lot for work mostly driving around our province staying over night in hotels
This allows me to dress in a skirt while driving or in the hotel. I have gotten very good at changing in the vehicle.
I have ventured out in a skirt while filling the truck with fuel late in the evenings.
Only once brave enough to go for a walk in a park during the afternoon. I thought the park would be deserted
but no I met 2 different people, one on a bike that almost fell over when he saw me in my above the knee skirt.
Neither person commented but I did get noticed
I love the freedom and feeling of a skirt and will be taking more ventures out in the world
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Re: New Old guy in a skirt

Post by rode_kater »

Welcome to the club!
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Re: New Old guy in a skirt

Post by Big and Bashful »

Hi, and welcome!
I found that not just on the journey, but in hotels nobody cares if you are skirted, when travelling by myself I will be in a skirt during the journey, driving, on trains or in flight. I will stay skirted for the journey, as I arrive at the hotel and while staying there, only changing into trousers for my work or if people from work are staying at the same hotel. I am not sure why, the team I am part of know I wear skirts, although as we represent our organisation and meet with other agencies, councils and military I think a skirt would probably shorten my career! even though there is no official dress code.
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Re: New Old guy in a skirt

Post by Spirou003 »

Haha, I liked your guy that did almost fall from his bike, that's quite funny (and a pity for him if he would have felt!).
Welcome to SkirtCafe! ;)
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Re: New Old guy in a skirt

Post by Fred in Skirts »

Howdy Scugog,
Pull up a seat have a cuppa joe and join in where ever you feel like it.
Going out in the great out of the house wearing a skirt is not all that hard. It just takes getting used to it. I no longer even own trousers let alone wear them.. I go every where in a skirt or dress. I no longer even notice if people stare at me. So just get out there and do it!!

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Re: New Old guy in a skirt

Post by denimini »

Welcome and congratultions on venturing out in public. I am sure that you will soon be relieved of the bother of changing in the car as you discover that no-one really cares. I liked the bike incident as there is some element of kama there.
I often wonder if one could be sued for causing an accident, athough there are many young ladies that would have been sued by now.
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Re: New Old guy in a skirt

Post by Faldaguy »

Welcome aboard. I presume the handle comes from the lovely Lake of same, though I've traveled the region, more often flew over, I've never seen it in person. We claimed Canuk status for a bit over a decade and still have siblings there -- it may have been one of our bigger mistakes in not staying! So enjoy for us, especially the current relative sanity to your southern neighbor.

As other have and will point out; 'nobody' really cares about what you wear. Certainly a few 'looks' but usually just observing the unusual, or even admiration more than any scorn -- so, as you've noted at the hotels, extend the range and there too all will be fine. Your BIG step sounds like getting to be open with your wife -- that sometimes is a more difficult challenge as the ladies seem to like MIS (except, their man). Some of us though are fortunate and have supporting spouses -- and I'm double lucky (or sometimes cursed) in I can trade skirts with my wife, though I think she gets the better deal! Maybe just some casual evening wear at home for cool and comfort on those hot muggy August nights, and grow it from there?

Enjoy the site; lots of stuff to keep you "entertained" as well as useful insights from other MIS. 'See you around.'
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Re: New Old guy in a skirt

Post by Pdxfashionpioneer »

Greetings Scugog,

If you explore the older posts you'll see how lots of our members have gotten themselves into deep kum chi, for NOT telling their spouses. The sooner you man up that way the better for your marriage.
David, the PDX Fashion Pioneer

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Re: New Old guy in a skirt

Post by Sinned »

Welcome to the Cafe and hope you enjoy the atmosphere here. The only "red flag" is that your wife doesn't know. If you are really serious about your skirts you really need to let her know at some point. These things have a habit of getting around by circuitous means and if she finds out by that route she may be more upset that you felt that you couldn't confide in her. But then you know her best and maybe she wouldn't take the news well. Just sayin'.
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Re: New Old guy in a skirt

Post by New-in-Skirts »

Welcome to the Cafe and enjoy your journey
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Re: New Old guy in a skirt

Post by Chirp »

Hi and welcome, I live east of Toronto.
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