Hello, everyone!

If you're new to the Cafe, please grab a seat by the potted palm, settle down with a nice big latte, and tell us a little bit about yourself. Please also look here for forum principles and rules.
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Hello, everyone!

Post by BlueCheese »

I'm new to the forum, so: hello, everyone.

I live in the south-west of England and I'm a full-time skirt-wearing man -- the only exceptions are when I'm doing sporting activities for which wearing a skirt is impractical or unsafe, or when I'm working with youngsters.

I have a good repertoire of skirted outfits for casual wear and for a bit smarter than that, but I'm trying to establish new skirted styles that are equivalent to a business suit, and equivalent to black tie.

I've cycled across the middle of Iceland in a hockey skirt, I've run the Bristol Half Marathon loads of times in a tutu, and I may be the only man in the world to have walked the Fimmvörðuháls Trail in a mini skirt. Apart form that, I just go about my daily life in skirts, wishing there were more like me around.
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Re: Hello, everyone!

Post by Jim »

Welcome to Skirt Cafe, BlueCheese.

I take it you like blue cheese? I do, too.

I live in northern Illinois, USA. Twice a week I put on pants (short pants in hot weather) for when I'm selling at farmers' market and for a peace vigil. Other than that, when I'm clothed, I'm in skirts.
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Re: Hello, everyone!

Post by Rokje »

Welcome BlueCheese

Iceland is very beautiful. I've been there and I want to go back there. I'm a transgender woman and I was used to wear skirts in public when I was still a man. Happy skirting.
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Re: Hello, everyone!

Post by Freefrom »

Hello BlueCheese.
I too live in the south west UK and enjoy wearing a skirt everyday. Practical limitations aside it's refreshing not to have trousers crushing the lower area. Welcome to the Cafe.
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Re: Hello, everyone!

Post by Big and Bashful »

Hi there,
I have worn skirts out and about many times, although currently I am only wearing them at home here in the West of Scotland. I have worn them in my village but backed off after a friend saw me and sounded very concerned, sounded like he was worried that I was having a breakdown. At the moment in Scotland travel is still limited, however once travel is easier I will be doing it skirted whenever possible, it will be nice to get back to normal if it ever happens!

It's great to see another skirted Brit! Welcome to the cafe!
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Re: Hello, everyone!

Post by pelmut »

Welcome from another S.W. Englander.
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Re: Hello, everyone!

Post by TheSkirtedMan »

Hello Bluecheese.

Although a member of this forum my infrequent login, last time was 7 months ago, I do not think I have the authority to say welcome to the forum. What I will say is pleased to meet yet another man in a skirt, an active one at that, and hope this forum gives you more confidence and encouragement but from your intro post sounds like you are more than on the way.

I am like you with regards skirts except the last paragraph. Not into cycling or marathons but am a keen fell walker and the nearest mountains except the Auvergne region in France visited once, for us it is Cumbria, Wales and Scotland for mountains and all over northern England for fells! I do walk in skirts, most of my amateur building hobby, not my one day a week garden for clients due practical reasons but unless their is a reason that trousers are the item then in all other aspects of life I will always have a skirt on. Skirts hang in my wardrobe, the odd trousers under the bed!

I find getting out and about in the real world in skirts, like you do, is the best way to be seen, acknowledged and respected than on social media and I do spend most of my time in the real world promoting men in skirts, mostly in silence but providing the presence. I do not ignore social media as that is yet another opening but meeting someone behind a screen is not the same as meeting someone in person and dispelling any preconceived thoughts of a man in a skirt unlike for women in trousers.

After today may be a while before I return to SkirtCafe but one never knows. I keep saying I will pop back more frequently but...

Keep wearing that skirt.
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Re: Hello, everyone!

Post by skirtyscot »

Hello and :welcome: Bluecheese!

I too have been here infrequently of late, but I've posted here enough that I do feel entitled to bid you welcome!

It seems like you could teach a thing or two to some of the guys here, so tell us a few things about your experiences in a skirt.
Keep on skirting,

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Re: Hello, everyone!

Post by Faldaguy »

From Bluecheese: I have a good repertoire of skirted outfits for casual wear and for a bit smarter than that, but I'm trying to establish new skirted styles that are equivalent to a business suit, and equivalent to black tie.

I've cycled across the middle of Iceland in a hockey skirt,
Welcome aboard, good to have some more real world "experience" with us! If you have not already, I think you will find several on here interested in discussing the 'business suit...black tie" options. Mark as Mark; NZ Freestyler, maybe PDX Dave and other's would share ideas with you. I like the occasional 'nice' skirt -- floor length the ladies might wear to a ball, but for me it is just a nice skirt for dinner at a nice restaurant and the only 'black tie' effect would be a nicer dress shirt that I might commonly wear! Maybe post some pictures and inspire us.

And thanks for the thought about the Hockey skirt for biking -- been looking for better solutions.

Cheers from Costa Rica
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Re: Hello, everyone!

Post by Spirou003 »

Welcome to you in Skirtcafe! :)
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