Greetings from Tonopah AridZona

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Greetings from Tonopah AridZona

Post by ajo »

I've just RE-joined. Used to be a member some time ago but got lost, dropped, discontinued, perhaps due to inactivity.

Back again. Maybe I'll try harder to check in more often.

Thanks for still being here and for saving my screen name.

--Regards, ajo
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Re: Greetings from Tonopah AridZona

Post by crfriend »

Welcome back.

I'm not sure what happened, but every once in a while I do expunge deeply inactive users who have never posted anything. This keeps the table of users within reasonable bounds and gets rid of spammers and the like who post one commercial message (or try; we have a zero-tolerance stance on commercial spam here). The usual criteria I use are (1) the account has been completely dormant for over a year, (2) that no posting has ever been received from that account, and (3) that the account be newer than about 2004 or so (before that there are some difficulties in tracking things due to the data-import from the conversion from v-Bulletin to phpBB). Only if all three conditions are met will an account be deleted.

The above being said, "Welcome back!" and feel free to join in!
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Re: Greetings from Tonopah AridZona

Post by Kirbstone »

Hi Tonopah,

Name sounds like an Indian tribe and coming out of LushgreenZona it wouldn't surprise me.

Here on our Emerald Isle we haven't had more than a mm of rain in ten weeks, so shortly we will look pretty arid.

Anyway, skirting in the wet is horrid, much more fun in the dry.

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Re: Greetings from Tonopah AridZona

Post by denimini »

Hi there from another arid-zoner (in Australia). Looks to be interesting country there and a good climate for mini skirts :)
Anthony, a denim miniskirt wearer in Outback Australia
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