Here a miniskirt fan from Barcelona (Spain)

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Here a miniskirt fan from Barcelona (Spain)

Post by xosep »

Hi, I'm a guy from Barcelona, ​​Spain, and I'm a very fan of miniskirts. I'm 30 years old and I've been wearing them for 10 years. One day I asked a friend girl to let me try one of her miniskirts. He left me his shortest micro skirt, and wow! She freaked out :D . I also wear very short shorts because I have beautiful thighs and I shave. I love show off my thighs since I was a kid.

I have several micro and mini skirts ( about 10” to 20” lenght ) that I usually wear at home. Although Barcelona is a very "openminded" city, it is not usual to see guys in skirts on the street. If I met other guys miniskirt fans from here to go, I would definitely wear a mini skirt in the street. I only wear them at costume parties, and I'm not the only one!! I have also wear them to go to a discotheque with a liberal atmosphere, and parties at friends' houses.

The feeling is cool !! You feel freedom and comfort wearing a miniskirt, and that strange feeling in a man that some look at you with the object of desire. A feeling that is common in women but that men have castrated by prejudices and society taboos. Feeling sexy, feeling hot and being cool !

That a boy or a girl surprises you by putting your hand in the most unexpected moment ... is cool! :wink:

I think it will take a long time to normalize the skirt and miniskirt for guys. Society, and especially men, we still have prejudices and taboos about the way we dress. It would be interesting to take advantage of the internet to meet fans of skirts and miniskirts and make us more visible together in the streets.
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Re: Here a miniskirt fan from Barcelona (Spain)

Post by beachlion »

Welcome to this forum of like minded men. I'm originally from the Netherlands and have visited Spain and Barcelona many times from 1965 on.
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Re: Here a miniskirt fan from Barcelona (Spain)

Post by Fred in Skirts »


Hi and a very big welcome to you. We here at the cafe believe in the wearing of skirts in the streets and shops in our towns and cities. And a lot of us wear every day and every where.
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Re: Here a miniskirt fan from Barcelona (Spain)

Post by skirtyscot »

Hello xosep and welcome to SkirtCafé!

Your skirt looks great, but a lot shorter than I would ever wear!

I bet that Barcelona would hardly notice your skirts,and if it did it wouldn't care. It's a pretty laid back city. I've worn skirts in several Spanish cities, and it was fine. Madrid, Málaga, Granada, Bilbao, even Santiago de la Compostella. Lots of people noticed, but nobody said anything to me about them. So pull your skirt on and shop out into the streets!
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Re: Here a miniskirt fan from Barcelona (Spain)

Post by weeladdie18 »

Welcome from Mainland U.K. We all wear skirts out on the street . Weelddie18
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Re: Here a miniskirt fan from Barcelona (Spain)

Post by Jim »

Welcome, xosep. I wear similar skirts around the house and for gardening in warmer months, so it looks great to me.
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Re: Here a miniskirt fan from Barcelona (Spain)

Post by denimini »

Welcome to another micro/mini skirt wearer.
Don't worry about the lack of other men wearing skirts on the street; just go out and do it. Like Australia, very few men wear skirts (I have not seen one other) but I wear mini skirts everywhere, all the time in warm weather.
I wear skirts 32cm to 38cx on the street and would only wear something as short as your denim micro at home. You do have the legs for a micro skirt.
Anthony, a denim miniskirt wearer in Outback Australia
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Re: Here a miniskirt fan from Barcelona (Spain)

Post by melsav »

Hi and welcome to the cafe. You will find lots of like minded people here. I too like to wear mini skirts as they are cool and practical in hot climates.
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Re: Here a miniskirt fan from Barcelona (Spain)

Post by Sikko »

Hi xosep,

I understand your feelings. I also love the complete freedom of miniskirts. My skirts all have a length of 11" or 12". I walked outside in the woods and once went to a discotheque in Amsterdam with a liberal atmosphere.
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Re: Here a miniskirt fan from Barcelona (Spain)

Post by lazerr »

Welcome! BTW, I love Barcelona! I was there this past February and hope to return soon. I wore my skirt all around the City and it was great (much warmer than I expected for February) . I don't think I have the ability to wear as short as you, but I do prefer the shorter ones myself. Here is Boston, we need to have some covering, btu I was just out yesterday shoveling snow very comfortably.
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