Portland Oregon here

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Tom Jaye
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Portland Oregon here

Post by Tom Jaye »

hi. I'm new and in Portland, Oregon. it's a very "come as you are" place and I see guys in skirts and kilts all the time.
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Re: Portland Oregon here

Post by Grok »

Hello. :D This may seem like an odd question-what do you like to wear?-but this is Skirt Cafe.
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Re: Portland Oregon here

Post by Jim »

Welcome, Tom. I've only met about 5 other skirt-wearing men in my small village of under 1000 in northern Illinois.
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Re: Portland Oregon here

Post by Kirbstone »

Welcome Tom from another Tom.

If Portland is a 'come as you go' place perhaps you will see lots of people 'out and about' skirted.

Rare here, alas.

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Re: Portland Oregon here

Post by beachlion »

Welcome to this forum.

In Allentown, PA, with about 120,000 inhabitants, I have seen only one other guy in a skirt, or more precise a kilt in a normal setting (shopping at BestBuy). At St Patricks Day and the Celtic Fest you will see more kilts of course.
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Re: Portland Oregon here

Post by Pdxfashionpioneer »

Hello Tom,

Well I'll be damned! Another denizen of the Café in the City of Roses!

You're quite right, as long as I have been here it's pretty much been a live & let live city. Well, at least if you're white. And it's getting better in its race relations and relations with ethnic minorities.

It's quite near the head of the class in gender relations.

I live on E. Burnside at 143rd. Please send me a PM so we can get together.
David, the PDX Fashion Pioneer

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Re: Portland Oregon here

Post by partlyscot »

Welcome Tom, I live in Calgary, a Canadian city of over a million on the prairies. I have seen a few other skirted guys, but I'm the only one of people I know personally, who wears them as default. It doesn't seem to cause any disturbance though.
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Re: Portland Oregon here

Post by weeladdie18 »

Hello Tom , I lived on the shores of Portland Harbour U.K. for 40 years. It was a big Naval Base for many years.
...I am a skirt and Kilt wearer... but I usually only see another Man in a Skirt once a year .
I now live in S.W. Cornwall U.K.
It has been reported by a tourist that I live in " A Shanty Town of timber buildings with thatched roofs, which is inhabited by pirates and smugglers. "
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Re: Portland Oregon here

Post by Faldaguy »

Glad for another. I'm an expat now; but visit the Willamette Valley often and freely wear my skirts -- gym, Costco, cafes, hospital, buying more at Goodwill, some looks of course but mostly ignored, occasional compliment -- mostly from women.
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