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Re: Another newbie (or is it newby)

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:43 pm
by weeladdie18
This area of Cornwall is close by Lizard Point, the most southerly point on mainland U.K.......A large slab of granite
rock covered with clay soil and large lumps of rock sticking out of the fields.....Much of the moorland is poor soil
uncultivated and irrigated by springs.....20 miles to the nearest bank.....and 30 miles to the nearest large hospital.

From Penzance , Out to the west there is a train service which leaves at approx. 0830 and runs to Bristol,
The Midlands, Edinburgh and Glasgow. I can get from Penzance to Inverness , Scotland , in 15 hours ,via Edinburgh...

Most goods deliveries are flown overnight from Scotland to Exeter and delivered by road , the following day.