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Re: Hello all

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Hello Ambisextrous

Although a member of this forum my infrequent login, last time was 7 months ago, I do not think I have the authority to say welcome to the forum. What I will say is, pleased to meet yet another man in a skirt, an active one at that, and hope this forum gives you more confidence and encouragement but from your intro post sounds like you are more than on the way.

I started wearing skirts in public in 2011 and not looked back since. My wife has known since 1987, wore them privately from 1998 but really based upon what we have experienced since 2011 should have made a stand much earlier. Perhaps late 80's early 90's may have been difficult but we always look back with rose tinted glasses.

I am, to quote society and to conform to its label and boxes expectations a straight male and my appearance has not to date confused anyone as to how to address me. Perhaps the bald head with a natural I add, monks hair style, may help! Now I have been asked if I am a monk and when I ask why they usually say, the skirt and Jesus style sandals. It always helps if you have a supportive partner and I do feel for those men who do not especially when their partners embrace full freedom of choice and expression.

Pronouns for me are like the many gender labels that keep being created. Too many. For me we are all human beings and we are all at birth assigned an identification label and it is your name. It is society obsession with labels and boxes that cause the problem which in my opinion makes others who are slightly different, not very different, create yet more boxes. As to names I have met many a woman by the name of Alex, Ash, Ben, Chris, and on through the alphabet to Tony, note y not i, Sam, and so on. It is never an issue for the female sex I find!

As a man I openly invade the female wardrobe but refuse to be described as a cross dresser. For those who want to be called cross dresser fine, but for me, if anyone meets me for the first time and uses that term I immediately refer to them or if it is a man to the woman with him, after all very few women these days most of the time dress differently to men, just that society has rewritten its gender expectations for clothing for women. Only those set in their ways, there are a few insist but then that is why they are not among the group in my life I call friends. Anyhow, a man these days in trousers must be a cross dresser.

I do not have any direct issue from others as a man in a skirt and other items from the female wardrobe. Some look oddly at me, some ignore me but then that happened when I am a man in trousers! You cannot be friends with everyone, and we are all different no one is perfect in the eyes of another for a variety of reasons. The world is full of troubles due to others not accepting we are all different.

I find getting out and about in the real world in skirts, is the best way to be seen, acknowledged and respected than on social media and I do spend most of my time in the real world promoting men in skirts, mostly in silence but providing the presence. I do not ignore social media as that is yet another opening but meeting someone behind a screen is not the same as meeting someone in person and dispelling any preconceived thoughts of a man in a skirt unlike for women in trousers.

After today may be a while before I return to SkirtCafe but one never knows. I keep saying I will pop back more frequently but...

Keep being you.
Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy.
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