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Hi, I'm Dave, I'm 17 and from the UK. The idea of wearing skirts has been in the back of my mind for a few years but only the past couple days have I really realised I wasn't alone. I don't wear skirts publicly because I don't want to have that conversation with my parents but once I move out I plan on going all in on skirts(I don't think I'll have any major issue with confidence, I've worn some really stupid stuff in public before), I wear a skirt I made from some pjamas when I'm on my own in the house but quickly change back into trousers when my parents come home/I leave my room. There's an unofficial danish scout badge called skirty365 where you have to wear a skirt all day every day for a year(unless it would be dangerous) and there's an extreme version which is the same thing but with bare legs which I'm going to do when I leave home. Maybe if after the year I'm feeling brave enough I'll go for their polar bear badge which is to wear skirts/shorts with bare legs all day every day for 5 years but I'm still not sure on that one. I'm not entirely sure why I'm waiting until I leave home, maybe its an incentive to sort my life out sooner or maybe I just think its easier to say "Yeah, I wear skits now" than "Could you buy me a skirt?". So yeah, thats me, excited to start talking to you guys.

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Re: Hi

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Hi Dave, and a very warm welcome to the cafe. It so nice to see the younger generation looking at wearing skirts. I think you should let your parents know that you like skirts and want to wear them. It would make it easier later when you move out so that they are in the know and will not worry about you when they hear others talking about you and the skirts you are wearing.

And Again Welcome!! :D
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Re: Hi

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Welcome Dave. It is good that you are discovering skirts early in life, they are great to wear and a lot of fun.
I am intrigued with that polar bear badge, I think I could get one easily ............. although perhaps not with a Danish winter.
I think that it would be good to try out your parents about skirts (although I don't know your parents). In a strategic way; a good photo of a guy in a skirt and say "that's great, I would like to try a skirt". It would be a relief for you if they had no issue ............ if not, at least you know you have use a bit of discretion for a while longer.
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