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Re: New guy here

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Little update,
With summer is half over i have not had any major probs with my legs. We had a few days
were we had extreme heat warning with high humidity were I had toss jeans and switch to kilt.
It took only few hours and lower legs felt like and looked like I had poison ivy rash.

Good thing is it almost cleared up over night. I did take the next day off work, Very lucky I can do that.
The only time i wear jeans is at work. As soon as i'm finished its right to a skirt to drive home.
The worst heat waves are about to start here.
No one mess's with a big guy in kilt

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Re: New guy here

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Hi Chirp , Greetings from S.W. Cornwall U.K...I have been wearing The Traditional Scottish Kilt and skirts for years. Ideal for this hot summer weather.

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