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Re: Newby from the north

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skirtyscot wrote:Bridkid, not only do you have the right attitude, your other half has an accepting attitude. That's the right attitude too, from our point of view. You are very fortunate in that, as you will be aware if you have had a browse through this site.
Yes, I am quite fortunate in that respect, but that is borne of my attitude to life, I only care about what concerns me (in the main)!! So what others think as long as I am doing no harm I don't care..

Before I signed up to the site I spent afew days browsing the topics, and I learned so much about people struggling with their identity without support. We like minded folk need to stick together and hope we can one go out skirted and it's not an issue! So if I can offer any support to anyone out there here I am..!
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