Greetings from Central Illinois

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Re: Greetings from Central Illinois

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Depending on the material the skirt is made fro, if it's a clingy nylonish type material, then a half slip may be needed to alleviate static cling, i.e. the skirt clinging to the legs as you walk, particularly if you are wearing tights. As girls don't wear skirts as often as they used to they have forgotten why slips are needed and I see them walking along with the skirt attracted to their legs or tights. As for whether tights are needed then that depends purely on the temperature. And don't let them say that to wear tights you need to shave your legs - you don't. Maybe if you have a carpet of black hair but I'm lucky that my leg hair is quite fine. Anyway I reason that I wouldn't shave my legs if I wore shorts so why should I for skirts.
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Re: Greetings from Central Illinois

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Jim wrote:Welcome to Skirtcafe. I'm about an hour north of you, a little south of Princeton, IL. I've had no negative experiences out and about fishing, biking, shopping or in restaurants in a skirt. Give it a try. When we get older (I'm 65) we can get a little eccentric and no one worries too much!


Thank you for the introduction. It's nice to know that there is someone close by


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Re: Greetings from Central Illinois

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I usually go for knee highs mostly white .Bu I found dark tights black or blue go well

if you are going someplace special maybe a colored pair of tights. But for everyday errands etc . I like white knee highs or black tights.

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