Greetings from Europe!

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Greetings from Europe!

Postby Crazyman » Sun Jun 07, 2015 7:55 pm

Being a professional dumpster diver, I come across all manner of women's wear. I don't really do skirts that much, except once a year we have an annual festival where people dress up, sort of like Halloween in the USA. I got lots of shoes, handbags, and dresses that I kept for myself because I only sell what I don't like. I do, however wear nothing but ladies' shoes with a strong preference for black strappy sandals and black ballet flats. I can't wear my girlfriend's shoes because she has mostly peeptoe high-heels and I can't wear high heels. Forget it. I have no balance whatsoever so that would be a recipe for disaster. But I can tell you that here in Europe the social acceptance factor is pretty cool in that I've had only one minorly negative reaction to my choice of footwear. I can't imagine what it must be like for you guys who live outside of Europe because the people here are just like me, basically live and let live.
I see myself as a catalyst because my theory is that more guys would be willing to wear a more feminine style of clothing if they saw other guys doing it, and well, I happen to be that guy. I think I have even more influence on people because I stand out no matter what I'm wearing, and a lot of people know me. Despite what some people may think of my chosen profession, I do make a lot more money than most people would imagine, so that yeah, a lot of my favourite shoes and handbags which I use were relatively expensive. I've also found out that it's pointless to buy anything from any of the specialised cross-dressing sites out there. It's the same brands and styles, with a 100 Dollars added to it. It's just like that whole thing with "mantyhose" which is pretty much just regular pantyhose marked up by a couple hundred percent. I have bought used shoes online as well as new ones. Usually, Deichmann has a pretty good selection of larger-sized ladies' shoes in their stores, but I'm pretty sure they're only in Europe. Regarding women's jewelry I usually only wear clip-on Gold earrings, but because it's clip-on I can't wear it for more than a few hours straight. And since I wear open-toed strappy sandals I keep my feet looking good by exfoliating as well as keeping all my nails long, clear polished and done up in a French style manicure, which I do myself. My girlfriend really likes it but doesn't like the fact that I have my hands done up the same way. I've had long nails since I was about 8 and started filing them to a point around 21, and about 6 years ago I started doing them French-style and pointed, using clear nail polish. Looks great!
Getting back to the theme of other guys doing this I had somewhat of a revelation when one of my friends told me in a moment of alcoholic weakness that he would also like to wear women's shoes but didn't have the guts to do it. I'm like "what, you're not MAN enough to wear a WOMAN'S shoes?" There's nothing to worry about whatsoever. Is it illegal? Well....NO! Is it immoral? Again, the answer is a resounding NO because any of the prohibitions in the Bible, and there is only one, refers to a Phoenician Canaanite ritual where men would dress up as women and perform human sacrifice. Besides, the prohibition is against the wearing of a woman's clothing, well guess what guys: whenever anyone ever asked me if I was wearing ladies' shoes I'd be like "no" because I own them outright and I'm a guy, which makes them men's shoes.
And getting back to the whole Europe thing, I used to live in Manhattan and that's another place where well pretty much anything goes as regards style and fashion. I never had any problems there, but the second you step outside of NYC you may encounter some closed minded people. I remember going to a roadside restaurant in Kentucky and I swear to God, I could see that everybody was staring at my nails. Even if you do meet some closed-minded bigots out these just consider the fact that (a) they're a tiny minority and (b) you don't have to associate with people like that, just like I don't associate with rascists. It's interesting to note that some people associate partial cross-dressing or cross-dressing in general with gayness. I can assure you that the two are completely unrelated because I have two friends who are a gay couple and they're actually the only two people who dislike my choice of fashion. Your fashion choices are about as related to sexuality as what kind of car you drive.
Despite the social acceptance here in Europe I really don't encounter that many guys who are fully or partially dressed up. Once in a while I do see some but they're few and far between, but like I said, there is an avalanche effect involved and the fact that not too many guys do this is because not too many guys do this, a circular argument. Like when I started shaving my legs and arms, I did it not only because I wanted to, but the fact that a LOT of guys here shave their whole bodies, especially bike riders and swimmers. To date, I have not had a single comment on that. The first people to notice were my parents and my mom asked me why and I said well, if it's OK for me to shave my face, then why not the rest of my body? She thought about it for a few seconds and said "you're right!" All my friends are 100% supportive of me even though they regard me as a really strange, albeit highly intellectual guy who just happens to enjoy wearing ladies' shoes. It's kind of like one of my friends who enjoys potato salad, something I wouldn't touch with a 3.048 metre pole. So what? He doesn't force me to eat it, and if he enjoys it then more power to him.
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