Rockin' in the Rockies

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Rockin' in the Rockies

Post by Ralph »

Hi all,

I think I've browsed here a few times over the past couple of years but never got around to registering until another regular, Grok, reminded me that there are like-minded brothers here.

I'm somewhere halfway between a tranny and a skirt dude. The thing is, I am absolutely certain of my masculinity (although it took some 20 years of introspection to figure that out). I'm hairy from face to legs and all parts between, I don't consider myself "a woman trapped in a man's body", I don't adopt a cute girly name as a second persona, and I'd rather jump off a bridge than wear makeup, nail polish, a bra, a wig, or fake body parts.

And yet... I loathe masculine clothing. Forget the jeans, the cargo pants, the khakis, even the kilts. I like my skirts maxi to the ankles, in soft fabrics like rayon, nylon, satin, or velvet; I like dresses that zip or button up the back; I can count on the fingers of one hand with a few digits left over the number of times I've slept in anything but a nylon or satin nightgown in the 25 years that I've been married. So yeah -- I absolutely do NOT want to be a girl, but I sure admire the way they dress. Thanks to an understanding wife and a job that lets me telecommute from home, I get to live la vida taffeta just about 24x7. Probably not a lot of guys who sit watching violent action movies in a lavender satin dress, which then gets wadded up on the floor with dirty socks and underwear and jeans and re-worn until it fails to pass the smell test.

Only at home. It sounds here like many of y'all have taken the plunge and sport your skirts right out in the open. I'm not there, and probably never will be. I live in a VERY conservative rural neighborhod, all ranchers and tea partiers, with a population small enough that if one person, even someone who could get past the misconceptions and stereotypes and "different = gay = pervert" mentality, found out I'd be tarred and feathered before you could say "your slip is showing".

Anyway, glad to meet y'all!

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Re: Rockin' in the Rockies

Post by Grok »

Ralph, for this forum you can call yourself a "Free Styler."

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Re: Rockin' in the Rockies

Post by Mac »

hello Ralph.

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Re: Rockin' in the Rockies

Post by skirtingtheissue »

Welcome to the cafe!

You are certainly a freestyler, and you seem to be happy being yourself as described. Being comfortable in who you are is a key to happiness. You are also fortunate to have an understanding spouse.

If at some point you want to experience the feelings of freedom and fun that other skirters describe throughout this forum, you could see what it's like to go some place away from home (Denver, for example?), wear a more conservative skirt, and stroll around shopping or whatever, feeling the skirt and the breeze caress your legs. Or go to a place like Provincetown, Mass. where you could wear the dress shown.
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Re: Rockin' in the Rockies

Post by brucewmbazo »

I am from Denver, but I am hardly the "freestyler" that Ralph is. I went through some difficult years during which I tried wearing subdued, conservative skirts that were not overly feminine. Then I discovered Utilikilts and the more economic Amerikilt. I finally was able to purchase an olive Amerikilt. I have since purchased a saffron and a limited edition navy blue kilt, both also from Amerikilt. My fellow kilt brothers, don't ignore Mike. His products are reasonably priced and are of excellent quality. I have reached a point where I avoid pants as much as possible. Wearing kilts has opened a whole new world. I won't go back. I am open to other recommendations.

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Re: Rockin' in the Rockies

Post by crfriend »

skirtingtheissue wrote:[...]Or go to a place like Provincetown, Mass. where you could wear the dress shown.
I just got back from four days in Provincetown, MA (mostly out sailing, however) and can aver that I was precisely to only bloke in a skirt there, and according to my pals' wives it did attract attention (which I didn't notice, save for one very positive comment of, "Way to go!" from a guy in a pickup-truck near one of the piers).

Provincetown is a weird place, especially during "Bear Week". It's very strange to be in the minority.
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Re: Rockin' in the Rockies

Post by scooterskirt »

Welcome Ralph, thats a nice dress you're wearing.

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Re: Rockin' in the Rockies

Post by Jack Williams »

Sure is an impressive dress. Please put up more photos.

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Re: Rockin' in the Rockies

Post by norstdresses »

my travel dress.gif
Welcome here where many people share experiences. I like the dress you wear.
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