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Good afternoon.

It is perhaps polite for me to offer a brief introduction. I'm Charles. I used to lurk around Tom's Cafe many years ago. I understand that Skirt Cafe is the replacement for Tom's Cafe. Greetings to any veterans from those old days, and hello to all the more recent members!

I did make a few forum posts long ago, but I am afraid that I did not have too much to say. I do love the idea of men wearing skirts, but I am ashamed to admit that I lack the requisite confidence to be a active skirt wearer.

I have worn a hiking skirt out in public a couple of times. I have also worn Utilikilts in public a couple of times. I have worn a traditional tartan kilt in public half a dozen times times. At home, in front of the wife, I've had a little more confidence to experiment.

I've recently been visiting an old friend from those Tom's Cafe times, and decided to drop in to Skirt Cafe and catch up with the latest developments. I hope you don't mind me poking around.

Warm regards to all,
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Re: Introduction.

Post by SkirtRevolution »

Hello and welcome :D
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Re: Introduction.

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Hi and :welcome:

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Re: Introduction.

Post by Daryl »

Welcome Charles, from a newbie here. I hope that confidence rises but even though I've always had more than my share of it I understand that there are a lot of factors. We've all probably felt them all and for sure context is a lot of the equation -- city, family, friends, comfort with one's own ability to suffer fools gracefully... :D
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