Who I am connected with

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Who I am connected with

Postby kodiak » Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:12 pm

Well I have talked it over with my significant other and he thinks that I/we should let you guys know who I am connected with. The man goes by SKIRTED on this site and we met at a rendezvous encampment. I have since sold him totally on rendezvous because it is like a family and nobody really cares what you are wearing as long as you are dressed. Skirted would wear a skirt before and after public hours and a kilt all day and enjoyed every minute of the freedom with out the hassels. During public hours he wore the kilt and recieved so much attention from curious spectators asking questions about him, his kilt and the bagpipes he had that it brought his spirits and confidence up big time. I love him very much and encourage him to wear skirts around me because he is more himself and at ease. He has also changed my shopping habbits a little because now I go looking for skirts not for me but for him and I have my mother doing it also. Her philosofy is what ever floats your boat and if I am happy with it then that is what counts.
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