I am new to the cafe

If you're new to the Cafe, please grab a seat by the potted palm, settle down with a nice big latte, and tell us a little bit about yourself. Please also look here for forum principles and rules.
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I am new to the cafe

Post by STEVIE »

I am new to the cafe and I did find you by accident, but that is the way of the internet. I have gone through the trying to pass "en femme" and was not totally comfortable so got into a whole mess with it, so here I am today, a little wiser, but not much. In the short time that I have been around I can see that you guys have much to offer in the ways of gathered wisdom that only experience can bring. Please note that this is nothing to do with actual age, but a way of discovering how best to get on with life in our own unique way. In the short time that I have been around here, I am am truly encouraged by what I have seen so far, so thank you very much.

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Re: I am new to the cafe

Post by Since1982 »

:welcome: :welcome: STEVIE!!
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Re: I am new to the cafe

Post by RichardA »

Hi & welcome

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Re: I am new to the cafe

Post by crfriend »

Welcome aboard, Stevie.

We have a range of characters here, some of who have gone through the "en femme" experience, and some who have come at it from the other direction; I believe we have a good mix, all of whom have wound up here because it suits their needs best.

Again, welcome.
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