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Re: Cafe patrons' ages

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:23 pm
by Fred in Skirts
Zanus-Gandren wrote:
Fri Feb 07, 2020 2:56 pm
I’m 22. And still nervous about the whole wearing skirts in public thing. Though I desperately want to do it for real.
Zanus, The only way you will be able to do it for real is to face your fears head on and just go out and enjoy your skirts. As most of us who have been skirting in public for years have found those fears are only in your head.. I have been skirting in public now for over 5 years full time and have not had a bad experience in all of that time.
I only wear skirts and dresses and as I said no problems.

So screw your head on tight and remember "The only thing you have to fear is fear itself".


Re: Cafe patrons' ages

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:38 pm
by oldsalt1
Welcome to the café.

You don't have to make your first trip in public a major event.

Do something small go to a gas station 2 towns over at night. Run into a burger king just do something small and quick

You will realize that people really don't care.

again welcome to the cafe

Re: Cafe patrons' ages

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 2:08 am
by Pdxfashionpioneer
Hello Zandrus,

Welcome to the Café. I second what both Fred and OldSalt1 said.

I'm 69 and started wearing skirts and dresses in public while presenting as a man in 2015. On average, excluding my brother and his wife, I have had 1 hostile encounter per year. None of them were in any way physically threatening. It's not just that I live in that hotbed of liberal, laissez-faire thinking, Portland, Oregon; I have worn skirts and dresses in 5 states and counting. I wear them to church -- it was one of the first places I wore a dress, hose and heels -- and work. In fact, I interviewed for my current job in a skirted suit, scarf blouse and t-strap heels.

I have worked with construction workers as the owner's rep in a dress and heels, bought hardware and car parts and usually go to my sports car club events in a skirt or dress. Indeed, the club president's wife introduced me to a new, female member as someone who "everyone looks to see what he is wearing."

Definitely, the case at our Christmas Party. All eyes were on me when I entered the venue in my red, sequined evening gown. I saw one woman give me a thumbs up. The other looks I noticed were approving if not admiring. In the dinner line a woman marveled at my ability to walk down the gangplank to the floating clubhouse where the dinner/dance was held in heels.

If an old guy like me can get that kind of approval, a young guy like you will knock them dead!

Trust me, I wouldn't have gotten this kind of reception 15 or 20 years ago, but today it's a whole new world!

As OldSalt1 suggested, take enough stealth walks outside that you begin to feel comfortable and then escalate. Understand that like me, every time you're about to push another self-described boundary, you'll do it with trepidation. Yes, you read it right, like me! I fully expected to not get the job I interviewed for in a skirt. Fooled me! I did it anyway because I wanted to get past that fear. Good thing I took the chance!

Not only did I get the job, but I proved to myself, once again, that almost without exception, things work better when you are your genuine self. Even when they don't turn out the way I want; I later realize, I dodged a bullet I didn't see at the time.

So, for your own sake, BE. YOUR. GENUINE. SELF. You'll be so much happier for it, you won't believe it.

And, you will inspire so many more people than you will ever know to be their genuine self.