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USA National Tartan Day - Monday April 6 2020

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2020 8:36 am
by r.m.anderson
FYI - another opportunity to sport the wearing of that tartan skirt
Monday - April 6 2020 unless you are across the date line is "National Tartan Day" is in the USA.
You don't have to be Scottish; Irish; a member of a clan or fraternity or even a resident of the USA to celebrate this not so promoted 'Holiday' of sorts.
So you missed St. Pat's day - here is another day to celebrate and you don't have to wear the obligatory 'Green' or even be green with envy.
Just get out and about and have a good time and it is a good excuse to wear that tartan man's skirt !

Remember to keep your spacing and mask up if necessary - don't sport a virus !