Little advise please

Kilt-based fashions, both traditional and contemporary. Come on guys, bring on the pleats!
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Re: Little advise please

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I got one of those "Pride of Scotland" kilts. It is 100% poly but has a decent look from a few feet away. It washes easily (cold water) and is cheap did I say.
I wear it regularly and it is comfortable enough. Since most people here is Massachusetts don't know what a kilt should be, it looks authentic to them. I feel it's worth it for regular use. O would like pockets, and sometimes the belt straps neet uncurling after washing. If I want it to look it's best I iron it with light heat and steam.
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Re: Little advise please

Post by tesjolts »

Epiceneguy wrote:
Thu May 14, 2020 3:33 pm

On another note I think this particular kilt looks better with my Tee-shirt out as when tucked in it makes me look more bulky than I am (or am I just being paranoid, lol) but will definitely get the next size up whenever I buy my next one, on the whole though I thoroughly recommend a reasonably priced ebay kilt just for the experience :wink:

Hi Epiceneguy,
your outfit looks great!! Very casual and laid back, appropriate for doing groceries.
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Re: Little advise please

Post by Spirou003 »

You are really great like this Epiceneguy, the whole look is very harmonious! I'm a bit curious to see you when the T-shirt is tucked in, but without seeing it I think you are right when saying that it's better when the T-shirt is out ;)
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Re: Little advise please

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I agree with spirou003.
Keep on skirting,

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