Sporran chain/strap/hanger ?

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Sporran chain/strap/hanger ?

Post by D McD »

Greetings, all

I've been wondering how to wear a sporran. I've done some reading about chains vs straps, and it seems both are "acceptable" but straps are lighter and easier on kilt fabric than possibly a chain with maybe sharp edges.

But how about the hangers that I've seen on Amazon and elsewhere that loop around the belt and have short pieces to connect to the sporran from one's belt front.

Has anyone experimented with those? Good or bad? Fashion faux pas or acceptable?

Many thanks for any advice available

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Re: Sporran chain/strap/hanger ?

Post by r.m.anderson »

The original design was two belt loops on the back of the kilt
then a small linked chain passing thru both of those to hold
the sporran on top of the front aprons at about mid juncture
meaning not at the waist or the knees.
Sporrans come in many sizes and designs - basically a simple
round pouch made of leather - animal hide - cloth or some
faux space age material.
It may very well have a flap to prevent the contents
of who knows what is carried within from falling out.
In case you don't have a following of a pipe and DRUM corp
the tassels serve as the drumming instrument - why in the
heck I don't know - maybe just ornamental - stupid ornaments.

Modern ingenuity has replaced the chain in pieces and parts
with leather or leather like straps that are snapped over a kilt belt
and hold the sporran. Note that a kilt belt or a belt of sort is
needed to hang the sporran off of - free hanging won't work here.

Yes there is a definite long term advantage for elimination of the
chain or any portion of it. Some rough weave tartan patterns
would be prone to having the chain snag on that rough surface.

Sporrans are usually worn with a full dress kilt outfit and are
optional otherwise.
One kilt maker Sport Kilt has a helping method to eliminate it
by having an interior pocket sewn between the aprons.

Why the sporran that Harvey ball banging busting jewel protector
well picking a pocket would be difficult if the jewels were in a
secure pouch right out in common front view.

Has anyone experimented with those? Good or bad? Fashion faux pas or acceptable?

If part of a uniform regiment of kilted troops where uniformity is
the rule then wear the same configuration as the rest.
If wearing Formal dress gear - wear your rube Goldberg conversion
at your convenience or discretion.
"Kilt-On" -or- as the case may be "Skirt-On" !
Isn't wearing a kilt enough?
Well a skirt will do in a pinch!
Make mine short and don't you dare think of pinching there !
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Re: Sporran chain/strap/hanger ?

Post by Uncle Al »

I have, and use, the Sporran hangers.
The "Chain Belt" will not go around my waist, therefore, the Sporran hangs
from my belt.

Just my $.02 worth :D

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Re: Sporran chain/strap/hanger ?

Post by GerdG »

I prefer a leather sporran strap over chain straps and hangers. For men of some substance I think hangers have an advantage, however.

Making a leather sporran strap is an easy DIY project, being it simply a leather strap around 3/4 inch wide and with a buckle in one end and holes in the other to adjust lenght of it.

Tartanista is selling them in black and brown for about £10. But if living in the US it might become too costly.

There ARE viable alternatives to trousers.
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Re: Sporran chain/strap/hanger ?

Post by Luke4Away »

My sporrans from Pibroch in Scotland come with a "Whang" - a long thin triangle of leather with three slots cut in the wider end. See: http://www.pibrochscotland.com/sporrans/about/1 Being all leather it does least damage to the kilt fabric.

You thread the thin end through through the slots, doubling back from the third slot to pass that end down though the loop between the first two. Draw tight and you are good to go. The end that hangs down seems to me to add interest to the outfit.

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Re: Sporran chain/strap/hanger ?

Post by greenboots »

I like the look of the Pibroch Sporrans and agree that the modern flat ones are awkward to access, but at over £200 each, I won't be buying one!
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Re: Sporran chain/strap/hanger ?

Post by Chirp »

I don't wear my sporran all the time.
Mine has chain to strap. I just use loops to help hold it in place,
I'm also lazy lol
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