Three tartan kilts... For sale, Seattle area...

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Three tartan kilts... For sale, Seattle area...

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Since I'm realizing that, firstly, I don't care for tartan kilts at this time, and secondly, the ones I have don't fit me, I'm going to let them go.

1) MacKenzie Modern 9-yarder. 18 ounce "Military Summer" weight wool. Made by House of Edgar. Was supposed to be pleated to stripe, but wound up being a mixture of stripe and sett. I wore this one a lot in late 2002 and during 2003, but stopped frequently wearing it after about 2005. Just was too warm. Literally, the most comfortable time to wear it is when the temperatures are below freezing. Waist is 45", length is 20.25" long. Hips, if I remember correctly, are around 48". Last I checked, no holes. Will check again. Bought it for $450 back in 2002. Will let it go for $200.


2) Lennox District 9-yarder. 13 ounce wool. Pleated to sett. Was bought from North Channel Kilts in Seattle. Same shop that made it. Apparently was ordered by someone, then they decided they didn't want it. First kilt I wore. Has some damage on one of the pleats from where it kept catching on a leather car seat's button that wasn't positioned correctly. Worn much more often than kilt #1. 44" waist, 20.5" length, 48" hips. Still fits, due to longer straps than the MacKenzie, but, I'm done with wearing tartan for a while. Due to damage, $100.

3) Armstrong Modern 9-yarder. 16 ounce wool. Again, pleated to sett. Similar measurements to the Lennox, slightly longer, though. Got this one from the Kilt & Thistle Scottish Shop in Salem, Oregon. Like the Lennox, has the same pleat damage, in the same spot. Probably the one I wore the most over the years. Not too light, but not too heavy, and somewhat subdued, so it didn't scream "I'M SCOTTISH" whenever I wore it. Again, $100.

4) I also have an Inverness sporran that I picked up in 2007. Has the chain. Good condition. Sells for $65 through Tartan Thistle, I'd sell it for $45.

I'll have pics of the Lennox and Armstrong by Saturday evening. They have been stored a while, so there are some wrinkles. I do recommend pressing when the new owner(s) take possession, and maybe a dryclean. Prices are plus shipping and plus PayPal fees (3%, plus 30 cents).

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