Kilts at home

Kilt-based fashions, both traditional and contemporary. Come on guys, bring on the pleats!

Re: Kilts at home

Postby r.m.anderson » Wed Sep 19, 2018 6:59 pm

Grok wrote:An interesting example of bleed over, weeladdie. I wonder if anybody has ever mistaken skorts for a kilt? :mrgreen:

Anything with a TARTAN can be mistaken for a kilt ! Ah er except those dreaded 2 pipe pants maybe found on a golf course such a sacrilege !

A kilt is a man's skirt so there stuff that feather in your cap and call it macaroni ! Whatever ! LOL !

Regarding those skorts - not often do you find them in a tartan design - YES from the outside they appear to be a skirt but they have the underpinnings
of shorts or underwear unmentionables. More aptly found with solid colors or color block designs and they can be pleated but that also is not common.

Skorts at any given time on Ebay there are some 40k in auction.
"Kilt-On" -or- as the case may be "Skirt-On" !
Isn't wearing a kilt enough?
Well a skirt will do in a pinch!
Make mine short and don't you dare think of pinching there !
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Re: Kilts at home

Postby Happy-N-Skirts » Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:45 pm

I like my skirts to be above the knees, so skorts are usually the right length and don’t need modification. I always remove the inner shorts as it would defeat the purpose of wearing them. I like the coolness, freedom, and comfort of wearing skirts.
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Re: Kilts at home

Postby weeladdie18 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:28 am

This thread is " Kilts at Home " ....When I go out I wear a traditional Scottish Kilt, or a Ladies Kilt Skirt ,or a Skirt.
Yesterday I was wearing a skirt and was told I was wearing a kilt . ...
A couple of months ago I was wearing The Kilt and was told I was wearing a skirt.....
When I dress myself at home and look at myself in the mirror , ...........................................
what I see is a virtual and laterally reversed image of what I am wearing.................................
I am getting too old to worry about the image I present to either to my mirror ,or the world at large.
I would advise the "Man In a Skirt " or "Man in a Kilt " to wear what he considers is a acceptable
and go out on the street and have another pleasant day's adventures................................weeladdie
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