Why men should wear skirts

Clippings from news sources involving fashion freedom and other gender equality issues.
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Why men should wear skirts

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By: Jay

Until now, men have considered the idea of wearing something other
than pants or long shorts in public to be nothing less than a
sacrilege against humanity. Although, throughout history, the concept
of men wearing skirted garments was all too common. After all, pants
were not widely used by any society more than three hundred years
ago. - Pants were originally an invention to make it easier to ride a
horse. The idea stuck, and the two-legged garment became standard
apparel for working men to stave off cold and abrasion.

At the onset of the industrial age, Levi's were probably the most
popular mass-produced garment made for men. Sewn of heavy canvas,
Levi's jeans were designed to stave of the scrapes of workman's toil.
The political rise of the working class in the 1800's transformed the
workman's attire into a symbol of raw power against the pompous and
flagrantly dressed gentile statesman at the polar ends of the
political and fashion spectrum. The power struggle of the working
class has since grayed into the history books. So many men today live
comfortable lives transporting themselves from their cozy homes, to
their climaxed controlled cars, and into their environmentally
shielded workspaces. Their female counterparts, transgressed long ago
into the once male-dominated career lifestyle, are comfortably
donning non-bifurcated garments as they go off to work and play.

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