Discovery Channel (US) Orange County Choppers

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Discovery Channel (US) Orange County Choppers

Postby nitrox » Mon Oct 23, 2006 3:15 pm

On a recent episode of OCC, the cast of OCC went to England to visit and while there, they also went to Scotland. One of the first places they stopped at (which was the youngest brother's idea) was a kilt hire shoppe. Both the kids (in their mid-late 20's) walked into the store without a word. Paul Sr. however, walked into it and made a comment ''I'm walking into a dress shop???'' (for those of you who don't know, Paul Sr. is a very large bloke who has tatoos and looks quite mean; not someone who you want to get on the bad side of) So then, when he sat in a chair in the shoppe and watched his 2 kids get fitted for kilts. He made a comment of Paul Jr's. kilt being nice and looking good on him (his kilt was royal blue and white with st. andrew's cross on the back 'top the pleats.) Shortly after that, Paul Sr. was fitted for a kilt and when he had it on says ''It's not what I was expecting, it's very comfortable.'' Then they left the shop, got back on their scooters and went off down the street. Paul then made another comment that ''It feels good riding with this skirt on, very comfortable (are circulating between his legs.)''

Just thought I would share that with you people. You have to give time for people to accept you slowely and in something that's seen as more masculine, and not forcing them to accept you in something that you want. Because it's probably not going to happen by force feeding.
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