Subtle Makeup

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Re: Subtle Makeup

Post by Keildersoul »

I love my makeup! Sometimes subtle, sometimes not but I wear it every day. I would feel odd without it. Moisturiser, foundation, blusher, eyes and always my lippy!
In answer to the question I say rock on! Why shouldn't you. There are enough guys who pay over the odds for haircare, eyebrow threading and the like. If you want to follow a skincare routine, you go for it!
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Re: Subtle Makeup

Post by rivegauche »

At home I might wear some lipstick because I like the feel of it and how it looks. When I am out and about in public as a man in a skirt I don't wear make-up but I always do when I go out dressed as a woman. I have had many lessons but though I am good at foundation/blush/powder I remain useless at eye make-up so I always wear glasses. I was fitted for wigs by a man in Glasgow who was wearing full-on make up (but was wearing male clothes). A new establishment has opened in London dealing solely in make-up for men. It is designed to be subtle and improve male appearance - I forget what it was called. If you are going to wear make-up you ABSOLUTELY need to get the foundation right. You can get your skin matched free of charge in Boots and you can be sure you will not be the first man to have asked for this. Once you decide you can wear a skirt other "gender specific" appearance boundaries cease to exist.
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Re: Subtle Makeup

Post by Stu »

I was bought a pot of moisturiser for men a couple of years ago. It smelled weird and didn't seem to do anything, so I haven't bothered with it since. That is the limit of my forays into make-up.

I do like nice cologne, though. Hai Karate, Faberge West and I confess to having a female one that I like called Aqua Manda (I bet nobody here has heard of that!).
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