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Clippings from news sources involving fashion freedom and other gender equality issues.
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When us Brits go to middle Eastern countries we are expected to remove shoes when entering Mosques, female civil servants have to adapt their dress codes so as not to offend the people of certain countries when they are take posts in those countries. These are just two examples of fitting in with local custom, and for females who find that for a three year foriegn posting they should dress very discretely, not drive cars and act according to local custom just because they happen to be female it must be quite a bitter pill to swallow.
We fit in when abroad, I believe that if foreign particles want to make their homes here in this grey damp cool land then they should also fit in with our traditions and standards, and that should work in all directions, if I emigrated to somewhere warmer and sunnier I would feel like I had to try and pick up the language, and fit in with, instead of alienate the locals.
I have never had the opportunity to talk to a tent, and as I like to see who I am talking to I would be very tempted to ignore said ambulatory tent-like being if such a thing ever spoke to me. And herds of black tents wandering around our towns is an intimidating sight, even if they don't go making veiled threats!
Back on the subject of the schoolteacher; at interviews she stated several times that the veil wasn't a barrier and that she could teach effectively. Maybe she feels that way, but what about the children in the class? who are accustomed to seeing a teacher as well as hearing them?
I think the right decision was taken. Now it's time for a snooze, wish some of the skirts I have been ordering on Ebay would hurry up and arrive!
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