South China Morning Post article on men’s skirts

Clippings from news sources involving fashion freedom and other gender equality issues.
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Re: South China Morning Post article on men’s skirts

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Looks like we have gone into the side room with the comfy leather chairs, dimmed lights and Vivaldi playing softly in the background.

A complicated subject the further you delve, which wasn't my purpose. I've only been here 5mins....

I live alone, my marriage ended some time ago due to my then wifes preference for alcohol over me, so I can do as I please.

I guess I could be a trailblazer, but i'm not. Not limited by what people think, but just that wearing a skirt is something I generally do when walking or cycling and a few times when going out. Its not a compulsion, nor do I see it as part of my normal life, more of an alternative dress code on the odd occasion when I feel like it.

I probably would try the skirt over trousers outfits if they were of a style I liked (certainly nothing like Lewis H's) and suspect they would garner less attention, I don't see it as a cop-out just another alternative.
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