Jet Blue flight attendants uniform

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Re: Jet Blue flight attendants uniform

Post by Whitetop03 »

While looking at the last photo, it appears that he has about a "B" cup breast form under his dress. I wonder what that is all about!
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Re: Jet Blue flight attendants uniform

Post by Ralph »

What amuses me about this whole outrage-a-thon is that the same people who are up in arms over a man's choice of clothing are the ones who deride the other side for "snowflake" oversensitivity.

Who's the snowflake now?
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Re: Jet Blue flight attendants uniform

Post by Ray »

I am encouraged by this.He is clearly presenting as a man, and is not wearing make up for example.

The outfit itself is not dissimilar to a tunic, and the shoes he wears have a sensible heel as an apparent degree of comfort. Again, this is practical, with the low vamp on the shoe accentuating leg length. Dark semi-opaque hosiery is hardly feminine. It’s a good look.

It’s a thumbs up from me.
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Re: Jet Blue flight attendants uniform

Post by Pdxfashionpioneer »

I totally agree with Ray.

As for the longevity of this trend, I remember seeing an item about a male flight attendant who sued for and won the right to wear the uniforms designed for his female colleagues. When Alaska Airlines introduced their new uniforms they stated that anyone may buy and wear anything from the catalog for their position. I.e., male flight attendants may buy and wear the flight attendants' dresses and skirts. women may buy and wear the shirts and slacks designed for men but not the baggage handler uniforms.

With that judicial decision, I think you'll soon see that ALL of the airlines in the US will adopt the same policy. Why the H___ not?

And no I don't see wear that bearded flight attendant looks like he's wearing B-cup breast forms.
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