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Caitlin Moran on Harry Styles

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2021 4:45 pm
by rivegauche
The wonderful Caitlin Moran had an article on the style of Harry Styles in the Time Magazine on Saturday 23 Jan (paywall so no link). She praised his attitude to women and clothes, saying it takes real balls to be a straight man and wear a dress on the cover of Vogue. Personally I would not have been seen dead in that particular dress but I admire the concept. Moran said that nowadays women get to do everything "having emotions, nice dresses and babies, and man stuff like having jobs talking about sex and wearing trousers". She praised the fact that the women in his life were intelligent achievers and reckoned that his affiliation for feminine clothing made him more powerful and desirable.

This is an interesting interpretation and if more women voiced such thoughts it could be the breakthrough we need. On the other hand Caitlin Moran is famous for being outspoken and unconventional but she talks sense with wit, and "every little helps". I also crossdress, and a woman once told me I must have real balls to go out like that. It is interesting that no one has accused him of being gay or being transgender, and his career goes from strength to strength. I add my own praise to his pioneering spirit.