Killed for wearing a dress

Clippings from news sources involving fashion freedom and other gender equality issues.
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Re: Killed for wearing a dress

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As we age, we mellow..
You are in the same boat as me, as I've progressed through to my late 40s, I now sit back and have a laugh inside at younger people slanging off and going nuts.

I see some young folks throwing forth every profanity I've ever heard, and some that I haven't, I just keep going thinking how they're showing their true colours (and in some cases low IQ) out there for all to see...

Are some people getting angry about things they don't like, or are plain confronted by as something they can't make sense of? How on earth is how someone presents themselves going to hurt anyone else?
I sometimes see (usually women say under about 40) with brightly coloured hair, be it bright pink, red or blue come to mind. I'm sure that attracts more attention than bloke wearing a skirt..

You've got to take the rough with the smooth.
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