In defense of feminine men

Clippings from news sources involving fashion freedom and other gender equality issues.
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Re: In defense of feminine men

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moonshadow wrote:Here's an interesting nut to crack...

I, and people who know me personally have told me that they consider me somewhat "feminine" like. Now I'm talking about my personality and how I conduct myself day to day, this has nothing to do with how I dress, mainly because I've been told this since childhood (decades before I ever donned a skirt). When mom told her soon to be husband about my style in dress, he said "I'm not surprised", as to indicate that he knew there was something "off" about me even before he knew of my crossdressing tendencies.

Indeed, I tend to be very empathetic towards people (despite having a general loathing for humanity as a whole), just last night while talking to Jenn about a guy who sort of lives across the street in a tough spot right now, an alcoholic, and I'd say mostly homeless (seems to live in his car). When I came back and starting discussing his situation, I began to choke up, later making a few trips back across the street to offer food, a warm sofa to lay on, or at least some gas money for his car as it was to get VERY cold last night. My interest tend to not be in competitive activities like sports, racing, etc. I never participating in these things growing up. I've never sat through an entire foot ball game, and quite frankly I'd rather do dishes than watch a super bowl. And I've actually done this (just ask Jenn). I like flowers, painting, pretty things, scenic views, etc. I do not consider myself "transgender", a "woman", or anything of the sort, but there is no doubt that certainly have a "ladylike" nature about me.... These last several years, I have learned to accept this and stop feeling like an inadequate human being for it. Hence my practice into my long held desire to wear ladylike and feminine clothing. I will no longer apologize for the way my soul seems to be wired.

The nut to crack:

My chemistry is fine... it's "normal". This according to my doctor. Yes, he checks the hormones of his patients every year. My testosterone and estrogen levels are within normal range for a man my age.

What does that mean for me?
Hormones only go so far. There are undisputed effects but none that I know of that would affect an overall personality greatly, like skew every bit of one's personality towards the fabled "feminine" or "masculine" sides. They might, however, modify individual things within a whole person. If someone else happens to over-value an individual thing, then you might be judged based on that one thing alone, and then, most importantly, labelled. From then on the hunt for confirmation for the label begins and pretty soon that person has a list of things that collectively seem quite definitive of the label, but they are really just examples of what's called confirmation bias.

It all starts with overvaluing things and labelling based on them, and we can even do this to ourselves. I'm glad to see you've gotten past that. Pretty sure a lot of us have torn off our labels, and feel better for it.
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Re: In defense of feminine men

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I feel I am neither masculine nor feminine all of the time. I have tendencies for both. I laugh and cry at sad movies, I feel for others who are hurting and offer consolation to them. I love to be kind and happy. And I really like myself and do not want to be one or the other.

I wear skirts and dresses as a man and do not try to be a woman. I wear them because I found out that they are much more comfortable than traditional male clothes. I am an old fart of 76 years and am cantankerous and don't give a damn what others who do not know me feel.

So do not put me in a box I will kick out the sides and will not stay in it. 8) 8)
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