school uniforms

Clippings from news sources involving fashion freedom and other gender equality issues.
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school uniforms

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Just seen on BBC News that school uniforms are to be cheaper and GENDER NEUTRAL. Girls can wear trousers and boys can wear skirts!
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Re: school uniforms

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Re: school uniforms

Post by Stu »

What this means is girls can wear trousers in practice.

And boys can wear skirts ... in theory ... and only in theory.
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Re: school uniforms

Post by new2skirts »

Stu wrote:What this means is girls can wear trousers in practice.

And boys can wear skirts ... in theory ... and only in theory.
This was being discussed on LBC Radio (UK news station, also covers politics at times) and in the phone-in the host Nick Ferrari asked if it's okay for girls being forced to wear dresses and skirts if they didn't want to and he had no issue with boys wanting to wear skirts, and he added "them wearing skirts wouldn't mean they are Trans, they may just wish to do so", which was a very unexpected moment of open-mindedness.

The real test will be in how many boys take up the opportunity to wear skirts if allowed as an option (something tells me the uptake will be rather low) - and there was very little criticism.

Where I want to see it is in the workplace, with guys looking as smart as Mark does in his corporate skirts :mrgreen: Though I can't see many guys risking busting an ankle in heels or having to deal with laddered tights, handbags and all the things we put up with :roll:
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Re: school uniforms

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Another article in The Guardian about school uniforms here: ... -haunts-me

Refreshingly, it doesn't raise the usual red herrings about sexuality. It concludes with:
I have no real axe to grind with school skirts, other than them being girl-only. Their gendering is arbitrary (see togas, robes, kilts) and given the physics and physicality of our anatomy, men in skirts and women in trousers has always made more sense to me.
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Re: school uniforms

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I think men and boys get the rough deal, women and girls have a wide range of clothes and shoes that they can wear while men have a very limited wardrope at schools girls are now being allowed pants, so if a guy wants to wear a skirt so be it, whats the big deal, In years past shorts were the order of the day for a lot of younger boys, migrating to pants when they got older. There are also kilts which is accepted, A skirt can be wonderful in summer months and yes it can suck in winter but one gets used to it and that's the key people need to get used to a skirt is clothes and hopefully in time will be more accepted as mens wear as well as womans wear.
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