Absurd and Archaic

Clippings from news sources involving fashion freedom and other gender equality issues.
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Absurd and Archaic

Post by STEVIE »

Never mind a skirted guy in the office just be sure that the shoes are the correct colour.
FYI, according to the article, Americans have some sort of Diplomatic Immunity from the Footwear Cops.
I really would like to say it's fake but.....?
Check the link https://www.msn.com/en-gb/lifestyle/sty ... spartandhp

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Re: Absurd and Archaic

Post by beachlion »

Many years ago, when there were still stores dedicated to sell male clothing and had staff that knew their job, a salesman told me there were the blues and the browns. 2/3 of men wore blue (and black and grey), a litle under 1/3 wore brown and green and a very small percentage mixed. But you never mixed the colors from both sides when getting dressed. I never had brown shoes other than when I was a kid and recently boat shoes for use at the beach only. And those boat shoes were dumped a few days ago after a few years of use. I bought dark blue boat shoes.
It amazed me that the hot shots of the shipyard where I worked could get away with brown shoes with their sharp blue and black suits. ;) I guess I'm old fashioned.

I remember a lady from the so called higher circles in one of the above mentioned shops. She was shopping for her husband. When the salesman showed her a white dress shirt she almost screamed:"A breast pocket? Do you think my husband is a truck driver." When the salesman showed her a collection of socks she said:"Only black. The white ones are for tennis and the rest for people without any class." This was in The Hague, the Netherlands, which is the seat of government and has a huge amount of civil servants of all ranks. And therefore a lot of snobbish people. ;)
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Re: Absurd and Archaic

Post by moonshadow »

From the article wrote:A 2016 study released by the Social Mobility Commission reported that investment banks are less likely to hire men who wear brown shoes to a job interview.

It found that bright young candidates were being turned away from investment banks because of their lack of "polish".
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Re: Absurd and Archaic

Post by Sinned »

R P Weston and B Lee wrote a monologue for Stanley Holloway called "Brahn Boots"

Our Aunt Hanna's passed away,
We 'ad her funeral today,
And it was a posh affair,
Had to have two p'licemen there!

The 'earse was luv'ly, all plate glass,
And wot a corfin!... oak and brass!
We'd fah-sands weepin', flahers galore,
But Jim, our cousin... what d'yer fink 'e wore?

Why, brahn boots!
I ask yer... brahn boots!
Fancy coming to a funeral
In brahn boots!

I will admit 'e 'ad a nice black tie,
Black fingernails and a nice black eye;
But yer can't see people orf when they die,
In brahn boots!

And Aunt 'ad been so very good to 'im,
Done all that any muvver could for 'im,
And Jim, her son, to show his clars...
Rolls up to make it all a farce,

In brahn boots...
I ask yer... brahn boots!
While all the rest,
Wore decent black and mourning suits.

I'll own he didn't seem so gay,
In fact he cried most part the way,
But straight, he reg'lar spoilt our day,
Wiv 'is brahn boots.

In the graveyard we left Jim,
None of us said much to him,
Yus, we all gave 'im the bird,
Then by accident we 'eard...

'E'd given 'is black boots to Jim Small,
A bloke wot 'ad no boots at all,
So p'raps Aunt Hanna doesn't mind,
She did like people who was good and kind.

But brahn boots!
I ask yer... brahn boots!
Fancy coming to a funeral,
In brahn boots!

And we could 'ear the neighbours all remark
'What, 'im chief mourner? Wot a blooming lark!
'Why 'e looks more like a Bookmaker's clerk...
In brahn boots!'

That's why we 'ad to be so rude to 'im,
That's why we never said 'Ow do!' to 'im,
We didn't know... he didn't say,
He'd give 'is other boots away.

But brahn boots!
I ask yer... brahn boots!
While all the rest,
Wore decent black and mourning suits!

But some day up at Heavens gate,
Poor Jim, all nerves, will stand and wait,
'til an angel whispers... 'Come in, Mate,
'Where's yer brahn boots?'

Sums everything up so concisely.

On a personal note, while I do have some brown wear, including skirts, I don't have any brown footwear. Wearing black shoes with brown clothes is seen as just about acceptable but not the other way around. Logical? Nay. I also have a pair of dark green slip-ons that I wear with brown.
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Re: Absurd and Archaic

Post by crfriend »

Sinned wrote:Logical? Nay.
But what's more to say?

:hide: (We really need a "flat rock" smiley.) Given the time I can rise from the slime, and actually concoct a rhyme. And though it might be a beater [0], sometimes it's even got meter.

[0] "Beater" is US slang for a daily driving car that's entirely functional and without a whit of pretence.
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