Posh English school allows skirts for boys

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Re: Posh English school allows skirts for boys

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Caultron wrote:
Charlie wrote:...So are women who wear trousers also gender non-conforming?...
At one time they were, but now the fashion has gone mainstream and they're not.
I find the reference to Female "gender non- conforming " hard to believe....as far as I am aware not all women wear trousers.

The same could be said regarding the wearing of the traditional male Scottish Kilt......
The statement is irrelevant to the availability of 100 % statistics to justify the claim regarding a medical or social condition..


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Re: Posh English school allows skirts for boys

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I skimmed through the response and have to say, "Wow!"
Gender identity, gender expression, sex and sexual orientation are 4 different dimensions of one's being. Under today's definitions nearly all of us are considered "gender non-conforming" by reason of the simple facts that we consider ourselves to be males, but unlike most males like to wear skirts whereas most heterosexual males would prefer physical torture to wearing one. Often "gender identity" and "gender expression" get conflated.
The way I read that school's policy and the headmaster's statements, if one of us as a young man approached the headmaster and said we wanted to come to school the next day in a skirt because we enjoy wearing them his response would be, "Fine! By all means do so, that's within our dress code." There would be no questions like, "Are you thinking of becoming a woman?" "Are feeling a sexual pull toward the other boys?" or any of that because both questions are irrelevant to gender expression.
Got it?

As to whether this was planted by the Ruskies … really?
David, the PDX Fashion Pioneer

Social norms aren't changed by Congress or Parliament; they're changed by a sufficient number of people ignoring the existing ones and publicly practicing new ones.

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Re: Posh English school allows skirts for boys

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Hi all,
Women did not simply exempt themselves from gender specific clothing.
Societal attitude did it for them and women embraced it accordingly.
Guys legislation will not change society, only Men and Women will do that.
The action at the school will never change a thing in terms of males in skirts.
The potential or lack of uptake just might.
I wear a skirt daily, socially and professionally. I have established a right for the male skirt wearer within the organisation which currently employs me.
Many people would now consider me "abnormal" in trousers. I would say that I have made it acceptable in my own way and environment.
I have yet to have a "sighting in the wild" of another skirted male.
My Friends, we are simply not unique but our wider Brethren is just not ready to embrace our message of choice and freedom.
There is no blame, it just is.

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Re: Posh English school allows skirts for boys

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Charlie wrote: I just want to be a bloke who likes wearing skirts, without all the analytical baggage that has to go with it :( All these analysts can go stuff 'emselves; if they tried on a skirt instead of just pontificating about it, they'd soon see why we like them (skirts) so much.
I feel similarly frustrated. But the (male) analysts won't try skirts, because that would be gender non-conforming. :shock:

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