Gender neutral uniforms in all Scottish schools

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Re: Gender neutral uniforms in all Scottish schools

Postby Grok » Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:10 pm

Stu wrote:As others have suggested, this is really just about girls being given a choice. They know perfectly well that, whatever the rules say students can wear, boys are not going to wear skirts because social pressures will stop them from doing so. Consequently, on the face of it, this is a move for equality, but that's a lie. The reality is that they are privileging girls by giving them a choice not enjoyed by boys.
And if, nevertheless, a few boys become brave enough to show up at school in skirts..... :shock:

For their own convenience, The Powers That Be will seek to pre-empt non-conformity (require all students to wear the same dull uniform), if they don't try to crush it out right. With pre-emption, The Powers can signal the virtue of equality, while avoiding having to deal with trans issues, or non-conforming boys.

A neat, efficient way to avoid dealing with inconvenient and uncomfortable issues.

It will take a very long time to chip away at trousers tyranny.
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Re: Gender neutral uniforms in all Scottish schools

Postby pelmut » Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:32 pm

It's a pity heatwaves aren't as common in Scotland as they are further South. A really stinking hot Summers days might see the boys decide that skirts were the most comfortable option.
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