Guy in Valdosta

Clippings from news sources involving fashion freedom and other gender equality issues.
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Re: Guy in Valdosta

Post by moonshadow »

Well this thread has taken an interesting turn... I was just thinking of what ever became of the "Guy in Valdosta"?

First of all, the news does sensationalize things in the name of advertising, that's a given. And yes, I'm sure there are more than a few men in the U.S. prison system rotting their lives away for sex crimes they didn't commit.

My question is, if the man was wearing underwear, then how is an exposure possible? Underwear, whilst not meant to be seen, is STILL a physical barrier between a persons genitalia and the outside world.

But to be quite frank, and understand I have no personal issue with Vox, but a man of his intelligence, you'd think would have KNOWN BETTER TO ASK FOR FEMALE ASSISTANCE IN A DRESSING ROOM, WITH A DRESS ON, IN THE GOD DAMNED SOUTH!

This is why, and I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH THE FEMINIST CALL ME A MISOGYNIST PIG, but I will not EVER let a female anywhere NEAR me when I'm engaging in trying on a skirt or dress, or performing some other private practice other than my wife. Generally when I'm in a skirt, I avoid being alone with women, especially young girls, or even young boys (children). Once, while I was working (wearing trousers), I walked into a restroom, and there was a small 4 or 5 year old boy trying his best to reach the urinal. His pants were down around his ankles, and NO PARENT IN SIGHT... I turned right straight around and left the restroom. I held it (my water) until he exited.

In the U.S. men need to be careful and yes, maybe a little paranoid. You can go your whole life and mingle with hundreds of thousands of women, and all it takes it THAT ONE TIME, and BAAM! You're locked up and on the sex offender registry.

Now I don't know what actually happened with Vox in the fitting room. I don't know if the woman attendant was being a prude or what, but hell fire... he should have KNOWN BETTER *face palm*.... to hell with his "social experiments!" We're talking HARD TIME here!

I'm sure the truth is there is only two people who know what happened that day, Vox, and the dressing room attendant. You simply can't take what is read on the evening news for anything worthwhile.
-Moon Shadow
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Re: Guy in Valdosta

Post by Freedomforall »

Moon I could not agree more. You made some very valid points and echoed a lot of sentiments I have. I don't like being alone in the restroom with a small child either. I also agree with the being paranoid part as well.

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Re: Guy in Valdosta

Post by Darryl »

Well, two incidents:

First, I went to get a pair of shoes while skirted. The owner called, who else, his daughter to sit on the stool and measure my foot and all that sort of thing. The pencil skirt helped, but never before nor after have I concentrated so forcefully on sitting "correctly" at all times.

Second, my first time and subsequent times visiting Dress Barn, they have a system, one goes to the dressing room to make sure it's clear while the second one checks out what I may have already selected and makes recommendations and/or asks what I'm looking for and suggests one or two alternatives and leads me to the changing room. And they sort of hover, checking to see if I need a different size or something and bring it back....working in pairs. Which suits me just fine as I'm going to be in legwear and shopping for outerwear. I like their system, with two lovely young ladies waiting on me and giving me the once-over and good advice and they know I'll be purchasing two or three items. And if things are sparse, they know I'll come back if they let me know when the next shipment is due.

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