boys banned from wearing shorts, respond by wearing skirts

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Re: boys banned from wearing shorts, respond by wearing skir

Post by stevelous » Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:41 pm

At my sons School, some years ago now, the Headmaster banned the Summer Dresses for girls. However they were still allowed to wear skirts. Boys had to wear long black trousers. Both boys and girls had to wear a thick polo shirt.

It was easy to police for the staff as there were only 180 pupils in the whole school, special education is like that.

The whole uniform policy was gender based and nothing would change the schools attitude. Seeing my son coming home, by Taxi, hot bothered and plain tired made me mad. The headmaster has moved on and I hope the school is now in thec21st centuary.

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Re: boys banned from wearing shorts, respond by wearing skir

Post by Mugs-n-such » Wed Aug 24, 2016 6:48 am

r.m.anderson wrote:Interestingly enough - WHAT would have happened if he wore the Kilt or is that taboo because it is not a proscribed item of the school uniform ?

Another note those that make the rules should be made to wear and abide by same dress (skirted kilted) code - something uniform I dare say !
I totally agree! Eliminate the double standard (just because they're kids they have to do what we tell 'em no matter how unreasonable).

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