BA hostesses can now wear trousers

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BA hostesses can now wear trousers

Post by Sinned » Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:51 pm

In another victory for gender inequality BA cabin hostesses can now wear trousers after a vigorous campaign. What's laughable is that they have battled " .... for the right to wear more practical, comfortable clothing". So once again the lobbying has resulted in a win for the fairer sex but where's the campaign for the men to be able to wear skirts? Can you even imagine any lobbying by the male cabin staff to be able to wear skirts? Here's the link to the article. ... kirts.html
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Re: BA hostesses can now wear trousers

Post by Kilty » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:52 pm

It does seem laughable... though perhaps in the girls defence some uniform skirts might be cut badly and have to wear it day in day out on long haul flights, (think of your worst M&S pencil skirts with ill - fitting lining, some too tight in the wrong places), perhaps sexual harassment for being skirted (drunk passengers trying to grope, run hand up your thigh etc), so I can partly understand. Men don't appreciate the benefits of skirts, and to some skirts are a symbol of submission, trousers being male are seen as powerful, as well as being more practical (bending down to pick another disgusting meal from the trolley -all airline food is foul :roll: ).

I doubt we will see any male staff clamouring to wear the BA pencil skirts, even if they added it as an option to the uniform (although if it was Arriva Sweden, where the male drivers donned skirts one summer as they were cooler than trousers ), but the way fashion is going (mens jeans are almost as tight as leggings or tights now, and some are wearing 'skirts'/apron like things or at least long tops as if they are dresses, albeit with leggings or skintight jeans) it can't be long before men embrace the skirt, especially in summer :wink: every catwalk fashion range features men in some sort of skirt or other which never would have happened years ago :)

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