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Skirt & Dress Wearing Warriors, Epitome of Masculinity

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:15 pm
by TheSkirtedMan
The title is from a comment which may sound positive but in the context used it wasn't:

What’s great about BEING a man I cannot say because I am a woman. But I observe how difficult it is for so many men to say how great it is to be a man because women have drilled the capacity for pride out of them, (unless of course they are skirt or dress-wearing warriors, in which case they are the epitome of masculinity for some).

It is paragraph 2 of an article called Celebrating Masculinity, Men, Do Not Check your Privilege ... privilege/

The article appears on a site representing men and boys discrimination called insideMAN. I do follow it and insideMAN is open and progressive. They have featured me on their site as a skirt wearing man ... r-a-skirt/ and have another skirt wearing man featured in a book, stories about men, they are trying to publish whom they have posted an article about on their site ... sculinity/. I have periodic contact with insideMAN from time to time and they are always welcoming to me and they are not against men in skirts. It was written by an independent writer.

I have taken issue directly with insideMAN about the sentence in brackets, not about the article. All have a right to freedom of speech but I did not see the point of the sentence, when it was used and the tone in relation to the article. They have apologised and said it made them pause too but they accept articles on mens discrimination even if they do not necessarily agree with them. I have told insideMAN, "with respect it is under the banner of insideMAN and therefore technically endorsed". I posted a reply to the article generally but at the end took issue with the sentence by adding:

I note your sentence on the skirt warriors, I am one of many men who will wear a skirt as a man, not as a transgender, just like women now adopt male style clothing. I have yet to hear one of these men question their masculinity and we are certianly not paraded on center stage by Feminists. Have you heard women in male style clothing question their femininity?

I thought some on this forum may like to enlighten this writer that men in skirts are still men and very much proud of their masculinity.

Re: Skirt & Dress Wearing Warriors, Epitome of Masculinity

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:14 am
by TheRod
I quite agree and posted a comment to that article to that effect.