Dear Deirdre

Clippings from news sources involving fashion freedom and other gender equality issues.
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Dear Deirdre

Post by Sinned »

The following letter and answer was on page 42 of yesterday's Sun:
"How can I tell my wife that I'm desperate to wear a skirt when I'm relaxing at home? I'm 30 and I don't wish to dress like a woman or go out looking like one, but I really think I'd enjoy the feeling of wearing a skirt. I'm happily married and we have a great sex life. I don't want my wife thinking I'm some sort of pervert, because I'm not. How can I tackle the subject?

Answer: This might not be such an issue if you were Scottish - and even David Beckham has worn a sarong in his time - but skirts for men haven't caught on. Loose-fitting trousers or harem pants ( think MC Hammer ) may be a compromise to suggest to your wife."

I feel that she hasn't done very much, if any, research on this topic and has simply copped out by using the usual mantra. Even though the number of skirted men aren't as numerous as we would like I do think that there has been progress in getting the message out there and I know that we are doing what we can in our little necks of the woods.

I will be drafting a reply to her briefly pointing out some of what has been discussed here and pointing her to this and other sites. So, if anyone else wants to drop her a line the email address is
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Re: Dear Deirdre

Post by Caultron »

Actually, we don't know yet how the wife feels about the issue, because the husband hasn't had the nerve to ask her. So the immediate problem is helping the husband to ask.

The direct approach would be to ask, "Do you care what I wear around the house?" She'll probably reply, "No," and then he drops the bomb, "What if if was a skirt?"

Or first ask, "What's it like to wear a skirt," and then, after she exhausts herself, say, "Well, I've seen men's skirts on the fashion pages and thinkmI'd like to try one."

Or put her in control by asking, "If I were to wear a skirt, what kind do you think it should be?"

Or just tell her out of the blue, "I bought myself a skirt." And then she'll ask why, and you say, "I've always wondered what it's like."

In each case, have responses ready in case she replies, "None," or, "Why do you want to wear a skirt?" or, "Are you becoming a transvestite?" And so forth.

Another approach is to avoid asking questions if you might not like the answer. So start with a nightshirt or wrap-around and see if you can gradually transition from there.

Or just do it, see what's happens, and continue even it it pisses her off within limits you can stand.

And if nothing works, don't let it become a big deal she gets entrenched about. Just wait and try again some other time. Although it may seem illogical, if you ask the same question in a different way on a different day, you often get a different answer.
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