Should we be SkirtCafe?

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Post by Bob »

Thanks for the Google tips. I'll put them to use.

As for the difference between skirts and kilts ---- I've found that if I'm wearing something vaguely knee-length and I'm dressed like a guy, then people call it a kilt. That's right, I've had plenty of skirts called kilts. I don't correct them. I take it as a compliment, like "hey, that's different, but you know, as a guy, you really look good in that garment."

I believe that the neckline is VERY important in whether people perceive your gender identity. Simply put, most women's tops are meant to accomodate, hide or show off breasts in some way. I stick to men's shirts, and it makes a world of difference. I would say it's probably my nice polo shirt that causes people to call my skirt a kilt.
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Post by ChristopherJ »

I believe that the neckline is VERY important in whether people perceive your gender identity.
Is it? :shock:

And I thought that I was weird!

That's certainly something that I have never considered before! I wear t-shirts or normal mens shirts, so I suppose I'm OK in this respect.
It's never too late to have a happy childhood . . .
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Post by Skirt Chaser »

Charlie, AMM- in a rare act of good behavior I have decided to reform and only chase skirts that blow off the laundry line. :lol: However, I will continue chasing the man in the skirt since Quiet Man doesn't seem to mind the attention. AMM, your informative aside has me grinning and wanting to take Schürtzenjäger up as a nickname.
Milfmog wrote:
Skirt Chaser wrote:Quiet Mouse, technically only a 'Quiet Man' chaser rather than any guy in a skirt
Oh well... there goes another fantasy, sigh :D

Does it help if it is from lack of opportunity? 8) I have only seen one skirted guy in person my whole life. You guys have a long way to come on the visibility front.

This time I'll remember to post on the original question too. My thought was keep it as Bob's Cafe. Then I noticed the image at the top read Skirt Cafe so I figured the decision had already been made to change it. Slowly I recalled this place has been named Skirt Cafe but I always think of it as Bob's. So, my input is call it anything, I won't remember it anyway so it doesn't matter to me. People probably find sites by searches rather than names anyway so my guess is that the people who need the Cafe will always be able to find it.

Quiet Mouse

Post by SkirtDude »

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Post by AMM »

Bob wrote: As for the difference between skirts and kilts ---- I've found that if I'm wearing something vaguely knee-length and I'm dressed like a guy, then people call it a kilt.
Even if it's not knee length, some people will call it a kilt.

I was wearing my ankle-length, full, tiered, royal blue skirt to a Contra Dance, and one couple was asking me about my "kilt."

Well, my Old Man used to say, "call me anything you want, just don't call me late for dinner." I guess the same principle applies here....

-- AMM
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and now for something completely different...

Post by Jock »

How about-

Catchy, eh?
Jock MacHinery
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Post by Kilted_John »

Skirted since 2/2002, kilted 8/2002-8/2011, and dressed since 9/2013...
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Links don't work

Post by JRMILLER »

Duh, these links don't work, what's the problem?

AMM: RE: skirts called kilts: perhaps they are being polite, you are obviously a man, therefore, you are wearing a kilt, not a skirt.

In my case I am pretty sure I am obviously a man too, but I guess people are less polite because even my kilts are confused with skirts!

Go figure!

You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself (Rick Nelson "Garden Party")
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Post by Colin »

I have no strong preference for the site name, but would like to thank Bob for organizing everything so well and all those who contribute. Long may the site continue, whatever the name.
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Name Change?

Post by Uncle Al »

Hello to all---I haven't posted here in quite awhile. My membership title
may indicate a 'new' member. I've been here, off-and-on, since 1998.
I've enjoyed this site, as you can see, for a long time.

Several patrons have stated that waiting to post something may allow
one to 'cool-off' so to speak. To think things over before blaringly
causing a problem. I've waited a long time. Now this has come up again.

Well, here is my $.02 worth - - - - -

Now---The Name.

I'm not sure 'Skirt Cafe' is a 'blend' between Kilts and Skirts.

Some of you may remember seeing Cafe's in many small towns
with just letters in the name, such as L & N Cafe.
IF the name were to be changed, I'ld like to suggest - - -

The S & K Cafe'

S for Skirt and K for Kilt. It Rhymes.

"Let's go to the S & K for coffee!"

Catchy phrase, yet doesn't specifically say Skirt or Kilt.

Just like it was at Tom's, the mission statement is what counts.
Bob has very well kept the mission active and alive.


The name Skirt Cafe' tends, to me at least, to say skirts only.
The mission statement is for both Skirts and Kilts for men.

Again, this is my $.02 worth--for what it's worth.

Anyway---Happy New Year to all!

Uncle Al
Duncanville, TX
(Wore my SWK Black Watch on 12Jan, day before my 57th birthday,
as I was helping to rebuild an analog organ console to convert it into
a digital Theatre Pipe Organ.)
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Post by Sasquatch »

I'll have the chicken-fried steak with potatoes...oh, sorry Unc, you made me hungry.
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Peter v
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Name skirt Cafe

Post by Peter v »

:? :roll: :? :roll:
Skirt cafe is precicely correct.
All things about men wearing skirts, even *dresses, being skirts held up by cloth around the shoulders permanently affixed, and of course kilts, also being classed as skirts, are to be found here.

*As long as they are worn by men as men.

It is a cafe where all skirt wearers can sit down amongst other skirt wearers and have a nice chat. There is no discrimination, no type, colour, shape or size banning, although kilt wearers seem to bring that upon themselves. All tastes are accounted for.

If kilt wearers want a specifically kilt site, there are many. Otherwise all skirt wearers, also kilt style/type skirts, are more than welcome. What more do you want?

I read an earlier statement;

"I, too, think we lost an awful lot of Kilt-minded folk with the name change (although I fully accept the reasons behind it). They were perhaps wrong to assume there'd been a major shift in emphasis, but I can see where their fears came from."

Although I do not know precicely what had happened, I cannot imagine how the kilt wearers were to think that they were not welcome at any point. Except probably the change being that instead of most being kilt wearers, there came a steady influx of other skirt wearers. I would think that they were not "brave hearts" but chikken hearts, at that moment. No offence meant.

We do state "skirts and kilts" because there are specifik topics. Later there may also be "skirts and kilts and worker skirts and Denim skirts" and so on.

(Just like a auto club, where there is a sports car enthousiast group in that.)

Skirt cafe is precicely that. It is not Bob's cafe or anything else. If anything it is a "skirted ""Cheers"" for those who have seen the TV series.

This forum has proved itself, It is a friendly but not timmid meeting place for men from all walks of life, from around the world. With even some female participants. There is a wide acceptance of styles and favours, as long as it is within men wearing skirted garments. And not specifically Travestite happening. Where can you find such a wide acceptance?
This forum is a happy place. Sometimes there are small fallouts, but they are quickly attended to and it is back to usual.

Peter v.

I for one am very thankful for this cafe being here.
A man is the same man in a pair of pants or a skirt. It is only the way people look at him that makes the difference.
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Post by Uncle Al »


Sorry I made you hungry. But to much will make it
hard to fit into your kilt. LOL! I'll tell you about my special
Italian chicken recipe in a PM. It must be good, my wife
asked for seconds, so I made it 2 nights in a row.

Peter V,

I'm sorry to disagree with you. When I joined Tom's Cafe',
it was for Men in Kilts and Skirts. THE KILT CAME FIRST!
But ANY skirted garment was accepted. Then we also discussed
many types of MUG's. ( MUG=Male Unbifurbicated Garment. )

With your responce to my $.02 worth, I can see why many of
the previous 'Cafe' customers' left.

If this cafe'didn't have a special place in my heart, I'ld be
gone too. But I come back now and then to renew old

The forum index shows many new areas for discussion.

GREAT! Much needed.

But please remember, I know my history of the Cafe's,
The Kilt came first! Bob, and Noodles-if he is still around,
can back me up on this. I'm sorry that you may not like this,
but the history of the Cafe' can't be changed. I'm not for men
in dresses either. That is not what this forum is/was about.
It is about MIKS - Men In Kilts and Skirts.

As a side note--this post and reply form does not have word
wrap. When anyone keeps typing away, the final screen keeps
getting wider and wider. One must 'scroll' left to right to read
the post. In the post and reply form window, I will only type 3/4
of the way across the form. This way no one has to scroll left to
right to read my post. Use the preview button at the bottom,
then modify your post to fit the first half of the preview window.

Just a hint for posters as forum etiquette.

Barista Bob--I'm sorry if I've stepped on some toes,
but courtesy and etiquette should still be used, no
matter what view you are trying to state.
As they used to say at the local vidio rental store--
Be Kind - Rewind!

Uncle Al
Duncanville, TX
House Chef in constant training.
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Post by Bob »

Uncle Al,

Thank you for your input. Yes, I remember you from "the old days," and I'm glad to see you hanging around here.

I believe that many of the kilt-only folks left before I came. This was due to the simultaneous death of Tom and the rise of other kilt-only forums.

When I inherited the forum, there was widespread fear that it was going to become yet another transgender / transvestite site. I stopped this in a number of ways: First, I made a firm rule against men with women's names. Second, I worked long and hard on the forum mission statement and forum titles.

Third, I changed the tag line from "Men in Skirts & Kilts" to "Skirts & Kilts for Men." This may seem like a small change, but it makes clear that the focus of this forum is not so much unusual men, but unusual fashion. Whether it's skirts or kilts, this is not a "lifestyle" website, but rather a fashion website.

I also inherited a lot of Braveheart/Freestyle arguments. I suppose that the unfortunate departure of many Bravehearts lessened these tensions. But I also sought to lessen them by re-defining what it means to be a man wearing a skirt (or kilt or whatever). Rather than focusing on what "is" or "is not" masculine-looking enough for a man (which results in endless arguments), I focused on the wearer's self-perception while wearing the clothing. It basically comes down to, when you wear a skirt or kilt, are you role-playing a woman, or are you just being your plain old manly self? The change of the tag-line to "skirts and kilts for men" goes along with this.

These ideas really have worked at lowering the sense of conflict that I originally inherited.

Finally... thank you for your suggestion. I would not be against changing the tagline to "kilts and skirts for men." It would be interesting to see what others think of this idea. Also, your naming ideas are the first I've come across that seem to work in a way that all the others we've tried to think up (believe me, I've tried) over the past year and a half haven't. I've never been 100% satisfied with "SkirtCafe" because it sounds far too risque. But we just couldn't find anything better.
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Post by Milfmog »

Uncle Al wrote:As they used to say at the local video rental store
Video? Man you is OLD! :D (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

I just wanted to say that I quite like the "S & K Café" name but think I prefer "Miks Café" (from your Men In Kilts and Skirts) somehow it just trips off the tongue nicely. The fact that it also reflects the old Toms Café name is a nice historical link too.

If I have a reservation it centres around whether we actually want to change the name at all now. Has the brand of Skirt Café become well enough established that we should keep it?

Good to know you're still around the forum Uncle Al.

Have fun,

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