Should we be SkirtCafe?

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Re: Should we be SkirtCafe?

Post by Since1982 »

So Bob starting one to try to exdend the clothing options for men is in the best traditions of cafes.
Bob's a wonderful guy, and has done a masterful job keeping the cafe alive, but he didn't start it, he just took it over from the former 2 mentors of it. The creator of this cafe was a great man named Tom Manuel (originally Tom's Cafe) who was snatched from us at the tender age of 49 by cancer, may his benevolent spirit watch over us until skirts for men is the norm instead of the unusual and keep us united forever. :hooray:
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Re: Should we be SkirtCafe?

Post by Jack Williams »

Jack back. Yes of course Bob didn't start it(my mistake) but he certainly makes a great job of keeping it going!
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Re: Should we be SkirtCafe?

Post by bareman43 »

IMHO I think SkirtCafe says all that needs to be said in a good way and the name should be retained.
Also, my girlfriend has mentioned SkirtCafe in her new book when talking about the choices men have in dressing with more flair or fashion. As has been mentioned before, just because you wear a skirt doesn't mean you want to be a girl.
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Re: Should we be SkirtCafe?

Post by Milfmog »

bareman43 girlfriend has mentioned SkirtCafe in her new book...
Her new book? Pray tell us more, is it available? Where? ISBN number?

Anything that looks authoritive and supports the idea of men wearing skirts as a style choice may help to lend support to those amongst us who have concerned family members to contend with (as Kilty has recently mentioned he has).

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