Multi-deletion of Private Messages possible again

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Multi-deletion of Private Messages possible again

Post by crfriend »

There was a bug introduced into the phpBB 3.2 tree moderately late in its existence that caused "invalid form" messages to be thrown when trying to manipulate multiple private messages at one go. This also propagated into phpBB 3.3 which is the upgrade path, and I'd hoped that 3.3 would have solved the problem as it was getting rather acute.

The good news is that I located a fix for the problem on the phpBB website and manually applied the changes, first here in my lab to make sure they worked, and then to the forum here. One of the phpBB developers tried to push the envelope of optimisation and it bit everybody in the backside.

I still want to upgrade the forum to the 3.3 lineage as the 3.2 one has been officially killed off, but the real heat is off so I'm probably going to coast for a bit.
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Re: Multi-deletion of Private Messages possible again

Post by Milfmog »

Thanks for the update Carl (and for the fix).

When everything works smoothly here it is easy to lose sight of how much work is going on behind the scenes. I am sure we all appreciate it though.

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Re: Multi-deletion of Private Messages possible again

Post by Shilo »

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