Men's health and welfare forum?

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Men's health and welfare forum?

Post by OldSkirt »

Wondering if there's scope for a new sub-heading under the "People" section where we can discuss health and welfare related topics specifically for us men.

Themes could range from male specific conditions (prostate!) through anxiety and mental health into the realms of diversity, discrimination, equality and even abuse we may encounter. If you think about it, we all belong to minority groups, and I don't mean that just because we wear skirts!!
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Re: Men's health and welfare forum?

Post by r.m.anderson »

Welcome to the SkirtCafe !

You may have a point but I think that in general this has been tossed around the beaten healthy bush.
The idea of wearing unbifurcated clothing is most useful to culturing the male gentilalia to be healthy and
procreative if not just simply healthy in the long run.
This is sort or like wearing boxers instead of jockeys and keeping the boys cool and not in compressed distress.

Venture to note that wearing dresses and skirts would be a great deal easier on the human frame instead of
having the stove pipes for instance squeezing the internal pipes when spandex has reached it limits.

Maybe one of the moderators or admins would like to post further. The SkirtCafe has been around for a bit of
time and covered a great deal of material but then maybe not so specific as you are referring to in your post.

Yes skirt-dress wearing can be healthy and we are definitely a minority group and for some of us taking that
first step in skirt wearing was an elevated level of high anxiety. For some of us the skirt wearing has been
placed on the back burner avoiding outright discrimination and staying away from complications with abuse
and misunderstanding i.e. wearing skirted clothing around school children in a school yard or wearing skirts
in a business office environment subject to human relations issues.
Gradual small steps laying the ground work that skirts are simply clothing without sexual innuendo and mean no harm !
People people it is only clothing ! It is what has been worn for eons since figs leafs fell out of vogue in the Garden.

Ok enough of my beating around may pole bush what are your ideas or agenda - not trying to discourage your
participation - but jump right in with your ideas on healthy skirt-dress wearing ------ that is what forums are all about !

Oh and for the record I am the spokesperson that is not authorized to speak for the forum ! LOL !
Nothing serious here all light humor - you can't be serious about wearing a skirt ? LOL !
"Kilt-On" -or- as the case may be "Skirt-On" !
Isn't wearing a kilt enough?
Well a skirt will do in a pinch!
Make mine short and don't you dare think of pinching there !
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Re: Men's health and welfare forum?

Post by dillon »

I'd suggest for now that you post any specific issues in a thead in Off Topic, and see how the response and conversation flows. I'm sure there are many prostate health sites out there already. We typically offer our support and encouragement here to our brothers for specific issues, when they are mentioned.

For my own interest it would not be the reason I'd come to this site. My fear is that it might tend to yield maudlin hypochondria. Plus what would be the next forum to come forth? Insurance? Taxes? I think Off Topic is the place to post all those ideas and issues. Or Personal Stories.
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