A true "member extraordinaire" passes

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A true "member extraordinaire" passes

Post by crfriend »

It is with a heavy heart and leaden hands that I type this.

Details are scant, and "hard information" difficult to come by, but according to all the intelligence and information I have "Since1982" passed away sometime in either late January or early February of this year following complications from stroke and subsequent cardiac failure.

Those who remember "Skip", as he was also known as, will recall his wit and intellect -- and that he could also be a real handful at times. He didn't brag much about it, but he had at least a couple of advanced degrees in marine biology behind him, held a Master Mariner's ticket, and spent some time in front of motion-picture cameras. In private conversation, his intellect was virtually palpable. This author misses him and his voice, even if we did butt heads from time to time.

We believe he's interred at his family's burial plot near Fort Lauderdale, FL/USA. As far as is known, he leaves no survivors.

Godspeed, Skip. You are not forgotten.
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Re: A true "member extraordinaire" passes

Post by TomH »

Yes, Carl. Skip and I had some PM's when I was new here. Quite a character with some interesting opinions. He thought I would be on his side and he wasn't far wrong. We were friends. I wondered why we hadn't heard from him for awhile. It's good that now we all have been informed, thanks to a couple of good guys.

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Re: A true "member extraordinaire" passes

Post by Sarongman »

Yes, we will all miss a very sincere and intelligent controversialist. I have given my eulogy on S4M but, suffice to say, it goes without saying that most of us have already missed his input and, I am sure, have for some time now, suspected the worst.
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Re: A true "member extraordinaire" passes

Post by Big and Bashful »

I have missed his (sometimes thorny) input for quite some time, and did suspect that he might have had health issues. Sorry to see my fears confirmed. Skip, you are already missed!
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Re: A true "member extraordinaire" passes

Post by Kirbstone »

I will add my words here as I have already done on Sk4M.

Following an early altercation with him shortly after I joined we found a lot of common ground and PM'd each other regularly, apart from the public banter on the Fora.

He was indeed a formidable intellect and readily voiced his opinions of those he didn't like or approve of. He did have mounting personal medical issues which added fuel to our PMs.

His last PM to me was on January 7th this year about his medical issues, but his content then gave no indication that he was near the end. I expect that despite his increasing immobility the strokes and heart failure were unexpected.

I shall miss him. May he rest in peace.

Tom K.
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Re: A true "member extraordinaire" passes

Post by Kilted_John »


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Re: A true "member extraordinaire" passes

Post by STEVIE »

My thought is that the world is a somewhat less colourful place for his passing.
Wherever he is, I'd bet he's in a skirt and marvelling at what's been written here.
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Re: A true "member extraordinaire" passes

Post by skirtyscot »

He will be missed for his "lively" contributions to this forum! I got a PM from him in response to my early posts. He basically told me off for not introducing myself, though I had done just that in the Introductions section. When I pointed this out, he was of course unreprentant; that was his way.

The long periods when he did not post anything on SC, usually followed up by some reference to hospital when he reappeared, made it pretty clear he had major health problems. He could be cantankerous and downright rude, but he was clearly a good advocate for men in skirts, out there wearing them all the time. I developed a liking for his contributions here, and he would have been an interesting and stimulating person to meet.

RIP, Skip.
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